Three biggest arena management firms in nation bid for Glendale contract

We now have the names of the arena management companies bidding to run Glendale’s arena in place of the Arizona Coyotes, and man, are they names: AEG, SMG, and Spectra by Comcast Spectacor (formerly Global Spectrum), which only happen to be the three biggest arena managers in the country. As an added twist, Spectra is currently subcontracted to run the Glendale arena by the Coyotes, though here they’d be writing up their own contract.

This blows a hole in theories that nobody would be interested in managing the Gila River Arena because it’s such a money pit, though it doesn’t yet answer the more interesting question: What do each of these companies want in order to run the place? If it’s less than $7 million a year, then Glendale will be saving money by canceling the old Coyotes lease; if not, then not. Stay tuned.

8 comments on “Three biggest arena management firms in nation bid for Glendale contract

  1. The Coyotes were subcontracting the thing out. That’s funny, In AEG case , they would have no problem filling weekend dates with concerts.

  2. A guide for what the bids may look like could be found in what SMG bid in 2013. They actually had two bids; one with the Coyotes (page 38 of the PDF) and one without the Coyotes (page 36).

  3. Not so fast. I would guess that all 3 bids are subject to an anchor tenant (The Coyotes) playing in the building. There is not anywhere 41 other events to cover the loss of the Coyotes dates. AEG already told the COG council that a couple years ago.

    If the Coyotes move to a new venue, that will also draw events from the Glendale site.

  4. No surprise here. Arena concert business is strong right now and Glendale seems like a great fit for it. Westgate may even get a boost when the Coyotes leave because concerts tend to draw fans who make their trip a real event rather than just another game in a long season.

  5. I must also point out how much the arena world has been changed by MSG’s resuscitation of The Forum. Glendale gave the Dogs’ owners $15M/yr in July, 2013 and that made sense at the time. The theory was that anchor tenants are essential for big city arenas. Then all of a sudden in January, 2014 MSG re-opens The Forum with no anchor tenant in a big city like LA and it does HUGE business. Within a year of Glendale signing that 2013 lease, the whole arena world had changed and it began to make sense to have a big city arena without an anchor tenant.

    Of course, all of this was lost on Wisconsin politicians, who still decided to pay for half of a new Bucks arena instead of giving the Bradley Center a killer makeover for concerts.

  6. Neil; Obviously they would have had to be paying Spectra “under market” value, since they claimed that their arena subsidy was at fair market value…

    Maybe Mr. Leblanc and co have a different view of what’s fair when they are being paid vs paying?