Rams, Chargers close to agreement on L.A. stadium share, say cats

Unsourced reports! We got more unsourced reports about what’s going to happen to the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders!

And sure enough, execs of the Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams (guess we should start calling them that now, huh?) met yesterday, and afterwards issued this statement:

We have concluded our first meeting. We mutually have agreed not to publicly discuss details of this or any future meeting.

Okay, so that doesn’t sound like an agreement is imminent. But it could be! And sources are predicting it, and correct predictions can come from all kinds of sources!

In other news, NFL owners are saying that it was the pretty pictures that Stan Kroenke provided of his planned football theme park in Inglewood that swayed them to approve the Rams move, after initially leaning toward the shared Chargers/Raiders plan in Carson. If true, this is absolutely terrifying — not because the pictures aren’t pretty (as pictures of people wandering hand-in-hand through a futuristic dreamscape go, they’re top-notch), but because it means that NFL owners are susceptible to Calvin’s clear plastic binder. Me, I would have wanted to see some actual financial numbers, even if they were half made-up, but that’s not how these guys roll, apparently.

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8 comments on “Rams, Chargers close to agreement on L.A. stadium share, say cats

  1. Well when there are only 2 possible outcomes: Yes or No. Its pretty easy to fill space by guessing.

  2. What does Mark Davis gain by moving the Raiders to San Diego?Nothing.What does the city and fans of San Diego gain by gaining their most hated rival?Nothing.
    And the Raiders gain from moving from a 1960’s stadium to a Wait another 1960’s stadium and give up the bay area? The 49ers are down now so there is potential to gain fans in the bay area vs a market that might not embrace the raiders with open arms.Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Maybe women should be in charge of more things. I’m reminded that Calvin was called out by Susie on his lack-of-substance, though well packaged, report.

  4. Boy I was thinking. Another thing to consider is the stock markets correcting in 2016 and how a lot of illusionary wealth will be wiped away.Maybe Spanos plays his cards right and stays one more year in San Diego so he can get a better deal from the Rams. Mind you the Rams are moving from a stadium with skyboxes and corporate sponsors to a stadium although temporary with none of the amenities St Louis had. I know the Bears played in Champaign, and the Seahawks in Husky stadium but this is 2016 Year of the Greedy Sports team owner. And the falling assets.Maybe Stan Kroenke needs the Chargers now more than they need him.

  5. Pauly…I am not so sure Stan needs the Chargers that badly.

    For one, he was willing to go full throttle into LA without a second team. Second, the more he goes it alone, the more he can horde in for himself (granted that the risk is higher), and third, the Chargers have a window to decide and the Raiders are waiting in second place. And I suspect the Raiders wont do anything to secure a “permanent” home anywhere until San Diego had made its committment one way or another. If they don’t go to LA, Oakland could try to use that time-window leverage with Oakland. Or just get it over with and bail as soon as the window is open b/c Oakland won’t budge and seems to prefer they leave).

    I wonder between the raiders and chargers who really *wants* to go to LA, or if they are each doing it out of desperation and willing to except the risk of flopping. Stan obviously wanted out of St Louis, no matter how much the city showered him in gold. But Davis and Spanos?

  6. JC…….Some very good points.Yes Stan can make more by himself but I’m sure he’d like someone else to share those costs on his terms not on Spanos or Davis terms.I think they both want out and someone to build a stadium for them; We’ll get a pretty good idea how much LA supports the Rams in 2016.But can LA support a second team without taking away market share from the Rams. If the LA market can support 2 teams I would think it would support the Raiders more than the Chargers. Actually I think the Chargers would take some market share away from the Rams vs the Raiders who are their own dog and pony show.

  7. I’m still puzzled by the some of the owners, they really wanted to have that NFL West Campus, which at the end of the day, they didn’t need. If they would’ve approved the Chargers/Raiders to Carson, then the Rams would’ve stayed in St. Louis and had that extra $100 million and the fleecing of cities could’ve continued. Everyone says the Chargers are going to make the move to Inglewood, I still think the Raiders are going to take a deal at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Then the NFL will have St. Louis, San Antonio & San Diego as relocation threats for other NFL teams.

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