Sacramento Kings arena to feature scoreboard the size of Godzilla’s head

I’m on some tight writing deadlines today and probably won’t be posting much, so to tide you over, here are some renderings of the Sacramento Kings‘ planned 84-foot-long scoreboard floating in a formless grey void. Enjoy, and see you tomorrow.

12 comments on “Sacramento Kings arena to feature scoreboard the size of Godzilla’s head

  1. Did the Kings get a State of the Art clause for levitation? Next up: transporter technology for delivering beer to seats.

  2. “Perhaps the most striking, a scoreboard the size of a mansion hanging over the basketball court”


  3. @JC
    Next up: transporter technology for delivering beer to seats.

    It’s already happening…

  4. Good thing the Rams left, otherwise St. Louis would’ve had to buy that levitating scoreboard. Oh well, maybe Cincinnati.

  5. Don…apps are soooo 2014. I want a Star Trek food replicator.

    (And I’ve heard the app method is slow TAT @ Levi’s. Better off getting it yourself and missing another Kapernick sack.)

  6. See, now this is what I was hoping for: a rousing comment-section debate on the actual size of Godzilla’s head.

  7. A scoreboard that size is going to be a massive (so to speak) distraction. Now people are going to attend games so they can watch it on TV. I’d like to suggest that there’s a much cheaper way to watch a game on TV.

  8. @MikeM

    Not only that but look at how high the upper bowl is. I know that I’ve complained about this before but now it looks worse than I thought. Not only is the upper deck on top of 2 layers of suites but also the open area between the top of the lower bowl and the bottom of the suites so that patrons walking the concourse can see the action.

    This never made sense to me. Isn’t the idea of walking the concourse so that you can get back to your seat? If the arena is gonna be technically advanced, why not just put big screens at the concession stands so that you don’t miss the action while waiting for food as opposed to pushing the fans up that high.

    Not only that but it’s redundant. You have the shoe horse bowl so that fans can see the action while walking in that area behind the basket. Shouldn’t that be enough. Why do they need the area between the lower bowl and suites to watch the action as well?

    No doubt about it, you’re going to get lots of complaints. Then again, maybe that’s why they have this scoreboard. People are going to complain about the horrible sightlines so now they have a gigantic scoreboard to pacify them…

  9. Yeah, I don’t get it. With the scoreboard that size, there are going to be people inside the arena who will not be able to see half of the floor. If you raise the scoreboard, people in the lower sections will have to look straight up to see it; but with it this size, people in the upper bowl won’t be able to see at least half the floor.

    Anyway, now there’s talk of the Raiders to Sacramento. I put almost no stock in this. The problem seems to be that the Raiders won’t have a $550M relocation fee. There should be capital reserve clauses in ownership agreements that when your reserves fall below a certain level (probably indexed to something), you must sell the team or bring in more owners into the ownership group.

    I have no doubt our Council would vote to give them a stadium, though.