Orlando soccer stadium to be built on land seized by eminent domain, happy ending canceled

Aw, man, and I was feeling so good about the Orlando City S.C. soccer stadium deal too! And now this:

[A] lawsuit claims that since the city of Orlando used eminent domain to acquire the land, it needed to follow certain steps before selling it.

They claim in the lawsuit the city owned the property less than 10 years, the city didn’t allow the original owners to repurchase their land and the city did not open up bidding for the land.

Orlando previously tried to use eminent domain to take land from a church for the soccer stadium, but instead gave up and moved the stadium a block over. One piece of the new property was acquired by eminent domain, though, and state law prohibits selling it to a private entity for ten years afterwards; Orlando officials claim they’re not selling that one parcel to the soccer team (presumably they’re just granting an easement to build the stadium on top of it), and anyway court rulings allow private development to be a public purpose, so neener neener.

It’s entirely possible that the whole transaction will be ruled legal, but still, this seriously harshes my buzz. Why oh why can’t we have nice things?

4 comments on “Orlando soccer stadium to be built on land seized by eminent domain, happy ending canceled

  1. I didn’t make previous comment. I guess someone wants to pretend to be me. I don’t blame them. I get all the girls so I am used to the jealousy.

  2. “Why oh why can’t we have nice things?”

    Because Orlando, Neil. Because Orlando.

  3. Yep, confirmed that first Steven was not actual Steven. (Well, may be actually named Steven, too, but wasn’t the Steven he was pretending to be.) Fake Steven has been sent to the cornfield.