Davis says parking sucks in Santa Clara, will keep looking for “right place” for Raiders

And the hating on Levi’s Stadium continues: Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis says his team won’t move there to share digs with the San Francisco 49ers because the parking lots are too small and traffic is too awful:

“I just don’t think it fits the Raiders,” Davis said Friday. “I’ve said it all along, that there are three words that mean something to me regarding a stadium location. That’s ingress, egress and parking. On game day, our parking lot probably holds the largest non-denominational gathering on Sunday morning that you’ll find. I’m not going to give that up. That’s part of the Raiders in-game experience.”

Given that Davis is in the middle of trying to negotiate a new lease with Oakland, you’d think he’d want to dangle at least the threat of a Santa Clara move to get better terms in his current location. But no, because Mark Davis is either terminally honest, terminally dumb, or just really can’t stand that new stadium the 49ers built:

“The next stadium we build will be around for the next 40 years or so, and that will be for the rest of my life,” Davis said on Saturday. “I want to make sure that, wherever we are, it’s going to be the right place. It can’t be just any place. It has to be the right place.”

At least the San Jose Mercury News’s Mark Purdy loves the Santa Clara stadium, spinning a remark that the head of the Super Bowl committee claims he heard from an unnamed NFL owner into a theory of how Santa Clara will get another Super Bowl sooner than later. Maybe the NFL owners have decided that if football players spend the whole game slipping and falling, at least they won’t be injuring their brains so much by getting tackled?

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  1. “The next stadium we build will be around for the next 40 years or so, and that will be for the rest of my life,” Davis said on Saturday

    If only that were true:


    The median age for stadium replacement is barely over 30 years, Atlanta is barely 22 years old, and a host of recently deceased stadiums weren’t anywhere near 40. And I can guarantee the Raiders new stadium won’t be nearly that old when they start campaigning for the stadium AFTER this upcoming one.

  2. Gee Mark why not sign a one-two year lease where your at;let the Chargers agonize whether the move north to LA is worth it and get the option to take the LA market if the Chargers bail.I’ve said before but i’ll say it again.LA will support the Rams but after that I think the Raiders would get more market share in LA than the Chargers ever will.

  3. Levi’s Stadium might be in the clear on the turf for this game at least.
    The NFL provides the turf for the Super Bowl.


  4. I think we can appreciate Davis’ interest in easy access to the stadium—Levi’s is a PAIN to get in and out of–and other franchises (such as Atlanta) think of it at the last minute. And I guess there is some validity to continuing to support the Raider tailgating culture.

    But is it feasible that he is leaving money on the table in his stadium philosophy by not bringing the tailgate inside? In other words, why enable people to get drunk and belligerent on beer you don’t make money on, when you can build big bars inside and let them get drunk and belligerent on beer you do sell? He would lose parking revenue, but make it up (and possibly more) on booze?

    He is also perpetuating a culture that turns away corporate sponsors. I am sure as heck not bringing my clients or kids through a Raiders pre-game parking lot.

  5. 40 years, ha! The Edward Jones Dome the Rams just left hosted NFL football for 20.5 seasons (half of first season at old Busch Stadium).

  6. Mark Davis is an idiot, Levi’s Stadium is not as bad to get out of anymore. The problems from last season have been solved for the most part.

    I tailgate at 49ers games as a SBL holder and what is his problem? There is a huge parking lot right next to the stadium to tailgate and other lots as well including the golf course. People can tailgate no problem, in fact just because not all of it is in one lot does not hurt the overall experience.

    He seems to think Santa Clara is another market which is how closed minded he is.

    The stadium itself with the free 100M he got from the NFL has massive room for the Raiders to put their stamp on it without ever bearing the CapEx cost the 49ers put in.

    With a free 100M, he can have the seats changed out for new ones that change color (like he was proposing in Carson), locker room upgrades, a museum, team stores, and a statue of Al Davis somewhere.

    He can have this all for free and start playing next season. But no, this retard wants a handout because he will not raise the money…..he does not know how like Jed York did.

    His whole life he has had a silver spoon and it shows. He is willing to share Inglewood where he has zero say in design but not Santa Clara?? Plus pay 550M in relocation fees? He would also be a tenant and not own any part of it?? Wow……what a douche bag.

    His haircut says it all….Even Raiders fans are ashamed of him.

  7. This way to the Egress! Come see the majestic, the amazing, the stupendous Egress in all its glory!

  8. I am not a Raiders fan, but I’ve been to several Raiders games and never felt “threatened” in any way. Actually, I found them to be some of the best-humored fans in the league. Must be something about being warm and dry on game day.

  9. And for those who believe Sacramento won’t ever be mentioned as part of the Raiders stadium discussion: http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2016/02/06/raiders-owner-mark-davis-talks-sacramento/