St. Paul would spend $18.4m on infrastructure for United soccer stadium — so, yay?

And we have a number for St. Paul’s infrastructure costs for a new Minnesota United soccer stadium development!

The sweeping vision for the redevelopment of the Midway Shopping Center around a future Major League Soccer stadium will require new sidewalks, plaza areas, a promenade, parking, lighting, landscaping and water, storm and sanitary sewer infrastructure — in short, an $18.4 million public investment, mostly borne by the city.

That’s not nothing, but it’s also not terrible, I suppose, on a $150 million stadium. And St. Paul would have to spend something on infrastructure for any development there, so this shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a special subsidy, at least not until more information comes in.

And speaking of more information, it’d still be good to know whether the city shopped around to find a better deal from another developer for the site, plus how the city and United will split revenues and operating costs, plus whether United is guaranteeing to cover the city’s rent payments to Met Council for the site even if the team or league folds (it’s 52-year lease, stuff happens), and probably a few other items. But at least we now know the infrastructure cost, and it’s not crazy-high, so that’s better than the alternative.

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2 comments on “St. Paul would spend $18.4m on infrastructure for United soccer stadium — so, yay?

  1. Where is the parking in that sketch? Not everyone is going t take the light rail and I would expect some major lawsuits involving the cub foods and Walmart parking on lot east if there is not any.

  2. The Midway area has been shopped around by the city but nobody wanted to develop it until the soccer stadium was proposed. This stadium is in downtrodden area that’s in need of economic uplift.

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