Miami mayor: Beckham’s MLS stadium would force fans to walk upright, that’s crazy talk

Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado is still complaining that David Beckham’s proposed MLS stadium wouldn’t have enough parking, and, you know what, let me leave it to my former corporate colleagues at Miami New Times to explain the crazy:

“I really don’t know how you could possibly walk from Culmer,” Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado tells [the Miami Herald’s Barry] Jackson. “I think it’s too far.”

The Culmer Metrorail Station is three blocks from Beckham’s proposed stadium site. As the Next Miami points out, that’s a five-minute walk.

As the New Times notes, “Granted, the plans still deserve scrutiny, but perhaps the tactic to take shouldn’t be that Miamians can’t walk five minutes. It’s questioning whether enough would even take the Metrorail to begin with.” Though encouraging people to take mass transit by making driving more onerous isn’t the worst idea, really. Maybe Regalado is just mad that his daughter’s school board has been cut out of the deal? Your guess is as good as mine.

7 comments on “Miami mayor: Beckham’s MLS stadium would force fans to walk upright, that’s crazy talk

  1. Shane on you, Neil. I never seen such insensitive rhetoric towards the disabled. Many Miamians can not, in fact, walk for five minutes. Especially the elderly.

  2. Million dollar idea – drive-in arena suites. For when panels of TVs in a living room-like suite just isn’t personal-space.

  3. I don’t know, Ben. The MLS stadium plan in Washington will probably have people walking the better part of a mile. Fans taking public transport to NFL games in Washington walk a mile. So I guess concern for elderly sports fans isn’t “baked in” to our design understanding.

    Maybe he meant that people won’t walk that far because it is hot and humid?

  4. Maybe the team can sell an “upgrade” package for a reasonable fee. That ticket would provide each guest with a Rascal scooter and a “Rascal Party Deck” inside the stadium to park and watch the game.

    This way the walking issue is solved. You could even paint the scooters in team colors!

  5. The culmer station is in a not-so-great neighborhood. The stadium is far enough away from the station that walking is a concern.

    Yes it’s just 3 blocks. and there will surely be police directing whatever limited traffic there will be. But it will turn people off.

    There’s also the fact that south Florida is car dependent. People don’t ride mass transit unless they have to.

  6. Miamians walked through that same neighborhood in the late 80s when that neighborhood was a lot scarier to go to Miami Hurricane games at the Orange Bowl, getting off at Civic Center stop and hiking 8-9 blocks. There’s a lot to be cynical about this project, but the 3-block walk from Culmer in a gentrifying neighborhood isn’t the deal-breaker some are trying to make it.