Baltimore council calls do-over on tax breaks for expensive concerts, decides to study it first after all

So remember how the Baltimore city council voted overwhelmingly on Monday to approve kicking back ticket taxes to big, expensive concerts at the city’s arena? Apparently they still needed to hold a second, final vote, and now that vote has been delayed indefinitely while everyone realizes that really, it might be a good idea to look at whether this will actually benefit the city at all:

A spokesman for [council president Bernard C. “Jack”] Young said Wednesday that the council president had heard concerns from constituents and will postpone the vote, initially scheduled for Monday, to allow time for more research and community input.

“More discussion is always good,” spokesman Lester Davis said.

With the mayor’s office opposed to the tax break plan, and the Baltimore Sun editorializing against it without more study, Young seems to have bowed to political pressure to conduct some research before moving ahead with this plan. Though given that much of the opposition to subsidizing tickets at the current arena seems to be coming from people who want to instead use the money to build a whole new arena, at much greater public expense and equally dubious public benefit, this is not necessarily a good thing.

No word yet on who will conduct the research into the council plan’s projected impact. Just please, please don’t let it be these guys.

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