Coyotes “hopeful” about ASU arena deal, says columnist with apparently no inside info whatsoever

Man, this really is the day for terribly-sourced-and-padded-out articles on stadium/arena issues, isn’t it? (I know, I know, that’s every day.) Let’s check in with Paola Boivin of the Arizona Republic, who has big news about the Arizona Coyotes‘ arena plans:

The likelihood of the Coyotes ending up in Tempe is increasing each day and the organization is hopeful a deal with Arizona State could happen by the end of the season.

Oh yeah? Do tell.

This is as optimistic as I’ve seen the parties involved in some time.

Um, you are going to actually have some source for this assertion, right, Paola? Paola? Sigh.

Boivin does note that a deal with ASU wouldn’t require a referendum, which is interesting if true especially if it means she has some details on how this supposed arena would be paid for, but again, no details forthcoming. It’s almost like she’s just rehashing this month-old ESPN story, in an attempt to give it some momentum when there’s no real news to report, or at least none that can be confirmed by anyone on or off the record. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Sports columnist is the easiest gig in the world, even if you’re not Rick Reilly.

8 comments on “Coyotes “hopeful” about ASU arena deal, says columnist with apparently no inside info whatsoever

  1. The Coyotes are looking for a free stadium and somebody who will pay them to play in it. They only have half that deal in Glendale now, so naturally they are on the prowl for a better deal. Perhaps there are great minds in Tempe and at ASU who would think this is a wonderful idea. “Hey, ASU needs a 3,000-seat hockey arena, so let’s build one with 18,000 seats and pay the Coyotes to try to fill up the place!”

  2. It is more likely the Coyotes will be a part of sharing a new arena in Phoenix with the Suns. Likely that announcement will come before the end of the season. Weather people like you like it or not, the citizens of Phx will approve a new arena. The elephant in the room, the Sheritan Hotel was sold for $100M more than they expected. The City of Phx didnt end up having to float a bond to cover a potential short fall.

    ASU and the Coyotes is a very real possibility. ASU has already said they need a new home for the basketball team and already has the funding set up through a tax district to pay for a new arena. Its the same set up that ASU is using for their $257M renovation of the Football Field, Sun Devil Stadium. If you had a clue, you would know much of the land around the football field and stadium is being very heavily developed. The revenue stream will be outrageous. State Farm Insurance has 4 multi story office buildings being constructed right now. ASU needs a new building that will also house its D-1 hockey team.

    The ASU site also has a 3rd party involved that will use the arena every summer. Shall we say a sports legend in this town.

    One last thing. Paola is a long time and very respected member of the media. If she reported this, she has a pretty good source. .

    One other

  3. Dave Boz…………The Coyotes are not looking for anyone to pay them to play anywhere. Please stop that foolishness. In the last year of the 15M deal with Glendale, they netted less than 2M after the refunds per the terms of the deal. They easily make that up with additional revenue in either a downtown ot Tempe arena. Playing in either of those places probably means an additional 3K is tickets sold each night.

    ASU is looking for a new venue to also house its basketball programs. The size will depend on if the Yotes are part of a new building. Either or these sites will have access to the light rail. .

  4. I have been out here for over two years and trust me ASU is getting huge and has outgrown Tempe ( very much like NYU and Columbia back in New York) and is Not only expanding into Phoenix but Mesa as well. I suspect that the plan will be to convert Wells Fargo Arena ( where ASU Hoops are being played) into a smaller hockey arena ( like what was done at Penn State for the Pegula Ice Arena), that can be used as a Coyotes Practice Facility, and will be involved in building a bigger hoops facility ( along with the Coyotes and Suns) in the Phoenix Sports and Entertainment District right off the Light Rail ( which by the way just expanded into Central Mesa, and cuts right through ASU Campus).

  5. No, no, I wasn’t asking for *more* unsourced speculation. I need to be more careful about how I phrase things.

    Also, there’s no need for language like “if you had a clue,” let alone bringing the weather people into this.

  6. I was never one of the weather people, even in my younger and much more radical days. Scurrilous rumor.

  7. Funny people should mention Penn State. Great example of the dangers of overbuilding an arena based on expected demand.

    From the angle of financing, college sports has a lot to recommend it. Fleece alumni for the construction costs and let them sit in the nice seats for a while. Unfortunately, for most schools they don’t raise enough money in the long term to pay the bills–but what’s losing an academic department or two when there’s HOCKEY in town!?!

  8. Yeah, sure, Dave – a friend of mine saw you and several other Weather People leaving the Sheritan Hotel on Sunday morning.