Buy Field of Schemes (the book) for 30% off, make me, my publisher, and America happy

There’s other news today, but none of it urgent, so I’ll leave you with an offer from my publisher, University of Nebraska Press: Go buy the latest updated and expanded edition of Field of Schemes from their website, enter the discount code 6SP6, and get 30% off the list price! Also, you can do the same for their whole sports catalog while you’re at it.

I get nothing special from U of N Press for promoting this, but you get the option of buying direct from the publisher for about the same price as you’d get from one of those giant corporate book-and-other-crap-selling conglomerates with the dubious workplace policies. (Not that I never buy things from them — they’re great for watching old Star Trek episodes in hi-def, for example.) So if you don’t have a copy yet, consider buying one, and perhaps an extra for the city councilmember in your life. I can’t offer to sign it for you before shipping since I’m not in Nebraska, but if you’re ever in Brooklyn, drop me a line and I’ll fire up my Sharpie.

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2 comments on “Buy Field of Schemes (the book) for 30% off, make me, my publisher, and America happy

  1. Purchased! This is the second copy I’ve ordered, gifted one to my Dad a few years ago (he devours baseball books like mad), and he loved it.

  2. Daily site reader, first time book purchaser. Two copies arrived here yesterday. One for me and one for a friend running for, and likely to win, a spot on the local city council in May. Even though that ship has long since sailed, with Frisco TX, going all-in on the “Sports Stadium as Economic Development Engine” fallacy currently serving as the home to

    Frisco Rough Riders (AA baseball)
    FC Dallas (MLS)
    Texas Legends (D-League basketball)
    Dallas Stars club HQ and practice facility


    JerryLand!: The Scar of Frisco

    Perhaps the book can at least clue him in to the kinds of chicanery owners put into leases and be on the lookout for them. Or let these clubs walk when the lease comes up for renewal. Hey, a guy can dream can’t he?

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