No crazy stadium renderings released today, Internet is sad

Slow news day today, to the point where the only remotely stadium-related news is a minor-league soccer team signing a lease to play in San Francisco’s Kezar Stadium — which once hosted the 49ers, but now is a public park, so that was somewhat controversial — and the news that if you ask Siri where to find sadness in Cleveland, it will give you directions to the Browns‘ stadium.

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend, and may we be rewarded with more wack-ass stadium renderings on Monday.

10 comments on “No crazy stadium renderings released today, Internet is sad

  1. Is this news?

    We all know what happens in situations like this: Business dies off West of 16th. I think “West of 16th” is a great metaphor for things not working out as well as originally forecast: “Well, that went West of 16th in a hurry.”

    If you were to open a restaurant, would you open it east or west of 16th?

    By the way, that’s only nine blocks from the arena. This area is actually safe for walking, and already has a lot of popular restaurants. Combine this with Sacramentans being notoriously cheap, and it’s really not hard to see where this is headed. This will be VERY similar to the TIF district in Louisville. The sad part is that lots of people LIVE west of 16th. This will impact residential neighborhoods. That’s just great news. Or not.

  2. Hi Neil,
    Well, here’s something for you. The 49ers are 3 months behind in their stadium rent payments to the City of Santa Clara. They want a rent reset, 5 million lower. The 49ers say: “Even after adjustment, the 49ers will pay rent that is more than two times higher than the next highest rent paid by any of the other 31 NFL teams,” Lange said.

    This is the deal the voters approved – $25 million in rent per year, and now they are whining about the rent payments.

  3. ROTFL! And no one saw this coming from the 49ers? The Debartolos made their fortune in the real estate business They will find a way to pay less rent at Levi’s Stadium. Looks like San Francisco was smarter than Santa Clara.

    Also, the San Francisco Deltas should use Boxer Stadium in Balboa Park. Its easily accessible by BART and its a soccer specific facility.

  4. “…signing a lease to play in San Francisco’s Kezar Stadium — which once hosted the 49ers”

    Well, sort of. The 49ers played in a 50k seat stadium on the same site with the same name. That stadium was torn down in 1989 and replaced with a 10k seat stadium which has been used for everything from soccer to professional lacrosse to high school football.

  5. In an area that regularly smells of booz, human odors and booz/drug induced disgorged stomach contents on a nightly basis and nearby is a gathering spot for those who use private property as a haven for criminal activity at 730 Stanyan…
    selling alcohol to customers who PAY to attend an opening at
    a city operated venue smacks of the NIMBY mentality that they
    accuse others of.
    As far as Balboa is concerned, ‘ya gotta’ be joking!
    Neighbors would fight the lights and there would be bigger fights trying to find a parking spot in or around the park which would be almost impossible. Not everybody who buys tix would take transit.

  6. I agree on the Kezar neighborhood argument. The fact there are rampant drug users half a block from the Kezar police station makes the issue of anyone protesting the sale of beer at Kezar Stadium even more ridiculous.
    As for Balboa Park, how long into the night do you expect the games to last? Also, what is the projected attendance for each game? I don’t believe there would be the amount of opposition that you’re claiming. In regards to parking, I’m certain City College wouldn’t mind if some people would pay to park in their lots. They need the money. Its only a small overpass walk away from Boxer Stadium.

  7. JC,
    I played several years of Sunday baseball pickup games at Cop Field and the parking situation there is tight at best for the small numbers who use the park and the locals.
    Who’s gonna’ pay for a “small overpass”? The state & city are scrambling for every dime they can claw out of taxpayers. As the
    Braves situation has shown, there’s no “small” projects of this type.
    There already is a ped overpass on Havelock St. that leads to the back of the stands. Is it up to modern “standards” for a “pro” franchise? Would the property owners/residents of that street put up a stink about even small crowds?
    Would college security want a portal that would funnel customers through the campus to the parking on the far west side of the campus?
    Many ??’s for a new overpass – Who has juristiction over the job? Who has to maintain the upkeep and security? To whom and when will the bridge be accessible?
    Strike one – the franchise would not be able to sell alcohol there,
    strike two – there are no player locker facilities there…and wait for it
    strike three – the franchise needs the ability to schedule openings
    after normal work hours to give them at least a chance of drawing
    anybody, lights are a must.
    The franchise seems willing to spend some capital at Kezar because even with sub-par infrastructure it has now, the strikes
    mentioned previously can be overcome for the possibility of
    revenue generation.
    As well, there’s a whole lot more potential day of opening walk-up customers who are already in the vicinity than around Balboa.
    Sure that the franchise is crossing their fingers that downside of the area around Kesar won’t keep ’em away.
    It is a biz, no matter how down the line the NASL is.

  8. Speaking of Boxer, there’s a new professional rugby league launching, and the San Francisco team will play there.
    (And it really is just the ‘San Francisco team’ — the league isn’t going to use team names until next year,)