Beckham buys six of nine acres for new stadium, now just needs stadium that’ll fit on nine acres

David Beckham’s Miami MLS ownership group has purchased six acres of private land needed for its proposed soccer stadium, for an undisclosed price. He still needs to buy three acres of county-owned land as well; Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez is hoping to use a state economic-development law to get around allowing public bids on the property, which would require Beckham’s group to pay a “market-rate” price, which is estimated to be around $9 million.

You can quibble over the exact price, but none of this should be too controversial — at least Beckham is paying something close to market price, and construction costs and property taxes, too. The biggest question, really, is how to squeeze a 25,000-seat soccer stadium into a nine-acre plot of land: The latest renderings still show a stadium plopped down on top of parked cars, so no way to tell from those. I’m actually tentatively excited to see what Beckham & Co. come up with, as site constraints often make for the most interesting stadiums, but also curious to see how they make this mesh with the demands of a modern-day concession-filled mallpark. Stay tuned to this channel for further breaking news.

5 comments on “Beckham buys six of nine acres for new stadium, now just needs stadium that’ll fit on nine acres

  1. Mallpark. This will be a soccer stadium not a baseball park. No need for malls , swimming pools , carnival rides etc.

  2. The perimeter of the stadium site (600 ft x 600 ft) is bit larger than the stadium footprint dimensions of West Ham’s Upton Park (500 ft x 500 ft), according to Google Maps measuring tools. But that is sidewalk to sidewalk, doesn’t leave much for service use, player parking or anything else. Some of that kind of stuff might be accommodated beneath the stands but it is still a very tight fit.

  3. Also, West Ham is moving because their stadium is too small. (Though “too small” in EPL teams and in MLS terms are very different, obviously.)

  4. They have another nearby city owned property they want to buy for employee parking. That property is separate from the county owned property they have option on. However speculators and developers have already started buying adjacent properties and prices are rising quick.