Coyotes CEO says arena announcement due by May, or June, or sometime

More rumors of the Arizona Coyotes‘ arena plans, this time courtesy of team CEO Anthony LeBlanc while speaking to fans on Saturday:

  • He still expects to make an arena announcement in the next six weeks, but it might be June.
  • On the possibility of staying put in Glendale: “I will never say never, but it’s highly, highly unlikely.”
  • Playing temporarily at LeBlanc called the possibility of playing temporarily at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, where the Suns played until 1992, is “a long shot.”

Apparently either no fans asked LeBlanc about specific locations or whether he’ll be demanding sales-tax kickbacks, or he chose not to answer. This is all part of the standard “get people talking about where the new arena will go, not whether there should be one” campaign, so expect more of this in the next six weeks, or until June, or whenever.

9 comments on “Coyotes CEO says arena announcement due by May, or June, or sometime

  1. It might be better if you stopped reading headlines and tried to get some facts. The potential new sites for the Coyotes have been pretty well vetted by the local press. Not to many secrets there. The 2 main spot are both SHARED with other organizations……………the Phx Suns, are ASU. The 3rd site would be the Salt River Indian Reservation. The same tribe that paid for the Az D-Backs and Colorado Rockies spring training site. The same tribe that have offered a new arena for the Phx Suns. The same tribe that has 2 casinos and a 13 story resort just outside of Scottsdale. They are flush with cash. They just announced the biggest car mall in the state on tribal land.

    The finances for the Coyotes have changed so they dont need the subsidy from a city or tribe. If you did your homework, they get NO subsidy from Glendale next year. The original subsidy was needed as a guarantee for a loan that has now been paid off.

    I would suggest you write something on how the Glendale arena will do with the loss of the 500K people the Coyotes brought to that location. MOST of which would not visit there if NOT for the Coyotes games.

    I know, you will say the COG hired AEG to run the arena. That announcement was mad 2 month’s ago. Funny thing, they still havent come to terms on that deal. Maybe they will, and maybe they wont.

  2. James,

    It’s kind of a dumb argument at this point.

    Instead of counting all the people that come to Glendale that might not have, otherwise–maybe Glendale could worry more about the people who, you know, live there. Maybe some people in Glendale would like more of the city’s budget to go to them through city services. Or maybe they don’t want to pay the highest sales tax rates in the state. All because of the hockey arena.

    Again, the ASU idea is foolish. ASU does not need a large, pro-ready arena for its teams. Especially hockey.

  3. The Coyotes have not made a profit in their entire existence playing in Arizona. Unless the tribe builds them a new arena and gives them a free lifetime lease, they will continue to bleed money no matter what.

    I agree GDub, PSU built a new college hockey arena (6,014 capacity) for $88 million. It’s a lot better to play in a smaller college arena and fill it than play in a large half empty arena.

  4. As far as LeBlanc goes…. He IS a salesman. He can’t help himself from telling tall tales. He tells people what he thinks they want to hear. Everytime a deadline comes near, it gets pushed back. All talk no substance.

  5. ” [the Coyotes] get NO subsidy from Glendale next year.”

    Might that be one of the reasons they are working so hard to get the hell out of Glendale?

  6. The Coyotes get no subsidy next year because Glendale canceled their lease that had the subsidy in it.

  7. how many arena’s in phoenix right now? I count 3

    coyotes , suns, old suns than you can add ASU. Any get demolished? Maybe glendale should just give the coyotes the arena

  8. Dave;

    Even if they get a free arena they’ll still need to be paid $5-10m a year to play in it to break even.

    This is the fundamental problem with the Coyotes in the Phoenix area. There aren’t enough NHL fans willing to pay NHL prices to keep them afloat. Never have been. Probably never will be.

    But I would never rule out some other suburb being dumb enough to spend $400m “trying”. Glendale’s total bill now has to be pushing $300m (including all the arena debt, obviously)