John Oliver’s “dress like you don’t belong there” Yankees stunt ends sadly hobo-free

John Oliver’s stunt to put fans in premium New York Yankees seats who promise to dress like they’ve never been there before — a dig at team COO Lonn Trost, who defended the team’s ticket resale restrictions because sitting next to non-rich folks would be a “frustration to our existing fan base” — ended up more of a costume party, with fans dressed as Ninja Turtles, sharks, unicorns, and dinosaurs ending up seated behind home plate.

john-oliver-ninja-turtlesAP_16098111550650bronx-unicornsoliverfansAll things considered, I’ve got to say that this is kind of disappointing. The ostensible goal of this gimmick was to point out the classism behind Trost’s statement: He was implying that if fans could buy good seats for below face value, the ones who’d paid full price would be offended by having to sit next to the hoi polloi. (It’s probable that Trost doesn’t actually believe this, of course; he’s more concerned that if fans can buy seats for below face value, he’ll have a harder time selling them for thousands of dollars a pop.) Instead, it turned into two frat brothers from Villanova putting on cheap dinosaur outfits and sitting behind home plate, which is pretty much like every day at Yankee Stadium, only the dinosaurs the fans are dressing as aren’t wearing number 13.

If Oliver’s staff really wanted to drive home the point, they’d have given the tickets to somebody dressed like this: Emmett_Kelly_1953If nothing else, I’d have loved to have seen what happened when they went to sign up for the fingerprint scanning to get a fast pass through security.

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3 comments on “John Oliver’s “dress like you don’t belong there” Yankees stunt ends sadly hobo-free

  1. Unbathed, shirtless guys would’ve been ideal, but I guess homeless people aren’t as receptive to HBO’s social media efforts as Villanova students……. Mission failed?

  2. I too was disappointed. Cheap store bought costumes on people we do see sitting in these pricey seats doesn’t nail it.

  3. Yeah, John Oliver is a genius, but he missed this part of this one. Maybe Twitter wasn’t the way to do this (although a large part of his show is about connecting online in an actionable manner). Or maybe Twitter, but show a picture of yourself in the cheapest Yankees stuff in the worst seats at the old stadium, whoever lands that combination gets the seats.

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