Chargers stadium plan hits snags, sportswriter loses mind

Big things are happening with the San Diego Chargers‘ stadium push, and chief Chargers fan Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune is freaking out, man:

I’m fighting the urge to simply stop writing. This is insane floating on ludicrous lost in a sea of nonsense.

One could argue that that second sentence alone should be argument that Acee stop writing, but anyway, WTF exactly is going on? Here’s WTF:

That’s all a big mess, and the only thing 100% clear is that the Briggs-Chargers coalition, which seemed like a bit of a crazy idea to begin with, is already starting to fall apart, with Acee, at least, now openly advocating that the Chargers throw Briggs under the bus and proceed with their own convadium initiative. Which would probably require a two-thirds supermajority (since it would allocate hotel taxes directly to the Chargers project), which means it would almost certainly never pass, which means…

If you’re prone to conspiracy theories that Spanos is just creating a disaster so he can throw up his hands and move to Los Angeles at the end of the year, today’s a day for you. On the other hand, dueling political interests can easily create disasters all by themselves, so maybe no special plotting was required. I just hope that this all ends with the Chargers opposing their own ballot measure, because we haven’t had one of those in a while.

9 comments on “Chargers stadium plan hits snags, sportswriter loses mind

  1. Well this is just become a delightful mess – will there be one initiative on the ballot or two? If I vote yes on one and not the other, will the (numerous) potholes on my street be fixed or filled with old Chargers helmets? It is SOOOO confusing right now, if one or both of these make it to the ballot, I’d question either would even get 50.01% approval, (and that’s up for debate and possible litigation too), since no one knows wtf is going on.

  2. San Diego native, been here for 60 years, paid a lot of taxes and started two successful companies that employ over 250 people that also pay taxes, and actually had season tickets to the Bolts for 6 years when they were a semi-legitimate team. I’ve also watched Spanos literally tell MY HOME TOWN, “f*** off, despite your offer of hundreds of millions to help with a new stadium, I’m taking my marbles and moving to Carson…oops, well, never mind, we need more of your money now.” I assume that when the inevitable occurs and they do limp up the 5 to Inglewood that you’ll happily write a check for the $50 million for the improvements done at Qualcomm that still haven’t been paid for? Have another microbrew to help soak up those bumps on the roads in your ’98 Cavalier.

  3. The whole article is a train wreck of indecipherable twisted prose and whacked-out desperate metaphors. I had to read most sentences two or three times to get my head around the clumsy writing. Ouch.

  4. Kevin, when the urge to stop writing overwhelms you, don’t fight it.

    Even if it is a minor inconvenience for you, and not an overwhelming urge, just don’t fight it.

    In fact, quit your job in protest. Fans will appreciate your sacrifice.

  5. Karl, you raise a great point.

    Maybe opponents to welfare for billionaires shouldn’t be writing about all the (perfectly sound) reasons why giving billionaires money to help them pay their millionaire employees doesn’t help the economy in general, much less the poor people who actually need taxpayer assistance.

    Maybe we should all be flooding our local governments with 20-30 alternate stadium plans for every ballot… meaning none of them can get the required percentage to move forward.

    Or fight fire with fire… just as your resident congressman loves to tack a $10Bn missile program onto a $350m school lunch bill, maybe we should urge our rational politicians to flood the legislative assemblies with amendments to stadium bills that require the government of the people to actually provide the services and aid that governments are supposed to provide for the poor.

    Sure, Mr. Spanos, you can have your $950m stadium bill. But you will have to accept this amendment that fully funds the public school system improvements that are so desperately needed, including school lunch programs, and raises taxes on professional sports franchise owners (if you can single out hotel owners and rental car companies, you can single out any group you like…) to pay for it all.

    Progress! Growth! Economic Miracle!

  6. How did Briggs of all people get himself involved with this? “Let’s go convention center! Let’s go stadium! LET’S GO CHAMP!!!”

  7. This the aftermath of the screwing we gave Dean on the L.A. deal. You can thank Stan Kroenke for Dean’s imminent, total mental breakdown.

  8. Acee lost his mind many, many years ago.

    He is the most unethical and least respected sportswriter in San Diego history.

    Many of his own co-workers despise him. One former writer there went a decade without speaking to him. Some of the stories about this turd are unbelievable.

    Then to top if off, he can’t write at all.