Minnesota senate to vote today on $54m in tax breaks for United soccer stadium

The Minnesota state senate is set to vote today on whether to give a full property tax exemption to Minnesota United‘s new stadium project, writes the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

On Tuesday, the Senate Tax Committee passed a tax-related measure, including property tax exemptions for the pro soccer team’s proposed stadium at the intersection of Interstate 94 and Snelling Avenue.

“That’s great news,” bill sponsor, Sen. Sandy Pappas, told the Pioneer Press. “We certainly expected this. The soccer stadium is very popular on both sides of the aisle, and we think that as long as we have tax bills that are moving in the Senate, we have a really good chance to be in the final bill.”

The Pioneer Press goes on to add that a related proposal to exempt the stadium from construction sales taxes is expected to be added in conference committee once both houses of the state legislature have voted, and has a lot more to say about the plan … with the notable exception of how much these tax breaks would actually cost, which seems like an important detail. For the record, the best estimate so far is that the tax breaks would cost about $57 million in present value ($54 million in property tax breaks, $3 million in construction sales tax breaks), which for a $150 million stadium would be a decent chunk of change. We’ll see if any updated numbers emerge during today’s senate vote, but I’m not holding my breath.

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8 comments on “Minnesota senate to vote today on $54m in tax breaks for United soccer stadium

    1. Yup, that’s why I favor letting unemployed people pay no income taxes when they get a new job – the government may even be saving money if they were on food stamps!

    2. Likewise, if you’re not currently getting anything from leasing out your car, can I use it for free? Thanks!

  1. Before we start throwing around a $57 million dollar price tag lets see where it’s broken down. If it’s to build infrastructure in an area that already was going to need it then in my opinion it shouldn’t be a part of this price tag.

    1. Click through to the MPR story that the $57m figure is from — that’s just the cost of the tax kickbacks, not the infrastructure. And it’s in present value of the payments over time, so it doesn’t matter how long the payments are stretched out for.

      MPR makes some assumptions about how much property tax the stadium would be paying if it weren’t tax-exempt, as it has to. But it’s a reasonable estimate.

  2. Yeah the city of Saint Paul needs more tax exempt land in its borders…

    This seriously has got to stops if you like the project that much make an aproriatuon for $50 million stop with the torturing of the tax code.

    There are so many churches and colleges and the colleges them own little commercial areas and get tax breaks on those too. No one is aging propert taxes except residents.

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