Hartford Yard Goats stadium opening delayed until July, now officially complete disaster

Surprise, surprise, the Hartford Yard Goats‘ new stadium was deemed not “substantially complete” on Tuesday, meaning it won’t be ready to host the team’s much-delayed home opener on May 31. In fact, it now won’t be open until at least July, which likely means more home games in Norwich — at this point, Hartford fans would have had an easier time seeing their new home team if it had stayed put in New Britain.

With the designation of the stadium as falling short, Hartford can now levy fines of $15,000 a day on developer DoNo Hartford, which is nice but unless this drags out all year isn’t going to do much to cover the $2 million that team owner Josh Solomon can now pull out of providing toward finishing the stadium, plus $500,000 in this year’s rent. (Solomon said yesterday, “I will continue to honor my agreement with the city and I will be flexible to help,” which sure sounds like “Our deal says I don’t have to pay you that $2.5 million now, but you have my sympathies.”) The city apparently has some insurance coverage it can avail itself of, but if it fires DoNo now and goes to seek a new developer the stadium may not open all year, and oh man, is this a juicy mess. Let’s go, Bees!

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10 comments on “Hartford Yard Goats stadium opening delayed until July, now officially complete disaster

  1. They had like a 23-9 start with no real home stadium. Impressive.

    No matter if the stadium is substantially complete or not, this anthem/hype song is still valid. http://www.courant.com/sports/baseball/hc-listen-to-the-hartford-yard-goats-anthem-20150723-htmlstory.html

  2. It’s just hard for me to have any sympathy for anyone that hires a company with “Do No” in their name.

  3. What are they going to do when the NY-Penn league starts in June? That stadium is home to the Connecticut Tigers. Can’t go back to New Britain either as it now hosts Atlantic League baseball

  4. GDub: But as soon as they landed at their temporary home in Norwich, they went on a 6-game losing streak.

    1. Time to hit the road again. This could be the greatest season in Yard Goats history if they keep this up!

  5. I’m sure I’m not the first who thinks that DoNo Hartford is short for Do Nothing Hartford. My goodness, what an embarrassment.

  6. 20+ years ago, while doing hard time at the mother ship down the road it was
    obvious that the “little city that can’t” suffered from the sports jones that so many
    other struggling post-influence cities use as a crutch to prop up their decaying burg,
    NHL escaped, used as a willing patsy in the NFL Trojan horse scams and now this.

  7. The Yard Goats will be playing upcoming “home” game in Norwich through June 6th and then true home games in Reading, PA through June 16th. The Range Goats would be a better name.

    I wonder if Dunkin Donuts still agrees that any publicity is good publicity?

    The only way this could get worse is if the developer goes to court to contest Hartford’s demands for damages. The city could up-the-ante by seeking a new developer. That would essentially end any chance of the Yard Goat’s playing at home this year. But, that’s a few legal maneuvers away from happening.

    The first payment from the city’s damages demand was supposed to be paid last Friday. If the payment was made, that would be a good sign for the Yard Goats’ chances of playing at home this year.


  8. I wonder what the impact of the delays is on the stadium’s corporate sponsor, Dunkin Donuts? Surely they can’t be happy there won’t be butts in seats staring up at their giant coffee cup in spite of them having paid sponsorship fees for that to occur. I wonder if they have any economic recourse, in addition to the “fines” the city plans to levy against the developers?

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