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It’s that time again: My biannual appeal for you, the faithful Field of Schemes readers, to kick some money in towards letting me take the time each morning to scour the stadium-and-arena-shenanigans world and bring it to you on a platter of snark. In exchange, you get not only the warm feeling that you are allowing me to continue to cover these issues without worrying about how it’s taking time away from paying the electric bill, but you will also receive various rewards for your generosity:

Mini-Supporters ($25 for a year) get a Field of Schemes Supporter button, a reprint of the original zine article that launched Joanna and I to research and write our book, and both the original series of FoS stadium cards plus a new series that I’ll be designing this summer using the latest tragic hilarity from the stadium world. (If I can get good photos, the Texas Rangers’ stadium-that-may-be-torn-down-after-22-years-because-it-lacks-air-conditioning is a must.)

Half-Year Supporters ($50 for six months) get everything above, plus six months of ad space in the right banner section (I’ll design an ad for you if you don’t have an image in mind), plus a PDF copy of my upcoming book, The Brooklyn Wars, once it’s available in September. (It’s not all about stadium deals, but stadiums are far more integral to Brooklyn’s transformation, and in less expected ways, than I realized when I first started writing the book two summers ago.)

Full-Year Supporters ($100 for 12 months) get everything the half-year supporters do, but a full year of banner ad space. Plus a full year of my complete gratitude!

Thanks to everyone who can pitch in, to everyone who has pitched in during the past, and everyone who just contributes to the site by commenting, retweeting, or sharing on Facebook. I would have quit this long, long ago if it weren’t for you all, so I like to think you’re making the world a better place — or at least a more amusingly disillusioning one.

To start or renew a membership, please make a selection from the pulldown menu below and click “Pay Now.” And don’t forget to write your mailing address in the comments field of the resulting Paypal form, so I know where to send your goodies:


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2 comments on “Support Field of Schemes, get a free digital copy of my new book (plus other goodies)!

  1. I would actually have given you money if you weren’t such a difficult person to deal with on this site. I support a lot of your viewpoints and you do nothing but delete comments and fight people that are on your side.

    There’s a reason you’re begging for money on this site instead of writing for a major publication.

    1. Hey, I’m begging for money on this site *and* writing for several major publications!

      Believe me, I hate deleting comments. But I’ve frequented online message boards since the days when you had to explain what “email” was, and I’m convinced that when you allow personal attacks, the resulting flamewars drive out all useful discussion. I do try to delete comments without regard to whether I agree with them (I usually try not even to read what the content of the argument is), just whether they cross that “no personal attacks” line. I’m not saying it’s the only way to do it, and you’re welcome not to give money if you don’t like it, but I think it works in terms of keeping the conversation here on a fairly unflamey level.

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