150-pound speaker crashes to ground in Hamilton, nobody dares call two-year-old stadium “aging”

A huge heavy object came loose at a sports stadium on Monday and crashed to the seats below, and you know what that means — the stadium must be dangerously old and in need of replacement, right? Except it’s the Hamilton Tiger-Cats‘ stadium, and its not even two years old:

The city has closed public access to its new $145-million stadium and started a wide-ranging safety review after a tower-hung speaker plummeted several storeys into the eastern stands.

The falling 68-kilogram (150-pound speaker) — about the size of a bar fridge — didn’t hurt anyone, but the resulting field closure has cancelled several community sports events so far.

The Monday incident also raises new questions about stadium safety and alleged “deficiencies” that recently spurred multi-million-dollar legal claims involving the city, province, Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the stadium builder.

“When a speaker falls from a brand new stadium, I’d call that a deficiency,” said ward Coun. Matthew Green, who expressed relief no event was underway at the time. “Had there been people in the stadium (seats) we could have had a real tragedy.”

If you’ve forgotten the details of the now five-year-old squabble over the Ticats’ stadium, it wound up getting mostly funded by the city and province, in part in order to have a new stadium ready for the Pan Am Games in 2015. It wound up not being finished by then, though, and currently everyone involved is suing each other over allegedly shoddy workmanship, so plummeting speakers is undoubtedly going to become a legal thing.

The stadium is expected to be reopened soon, once the rest of the speakers are taken down and replaced by a temporary sound system. They never had this problem at Ivor Wynne Stadium, just saying, though Pink Floyd did accidentally blow up the scoreboard once.

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3 comments on “150-pound speaker crashes to ground in Hamilton, nobody dares call two-year-old stadium “aging”

  1. That what the cats get for trying nfl style shakedown on the stadium sites. In the end that had to settle for The old ivor wynne site and the stadium construction had to be rushed to get done on time for pan am. Lots if sloppy work and lawsuits abound. Looks good on them

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