Flames owners on arena Plan B: Reply hazy, ask again later

Ever since the city of Calgary shot down the Flames owners’ plan to build a $1.2 billion combined arena-stadium complex (after discovering it would actually cost $1.8 billion, and the public would be on the hook for the difference), we’ve been waiting for someone to announce next steps. And it sounds like the next step is … to figure out a next step:

In a letter that season ticket holders received Monday, CEO Ken King said the company “accepted an offer from the City to examine a Plan B.”

The less ambitious Plan B would see an arena and event centre located on the Stampede grounds, a separate field house in the northwest, and some renovation to McMahon Stadium.

How much would such a scaled-back (but still sizable) plan cost? Nobody knows, which is what “examine” means. The Flames owners are supposed to provide a response to the city’s report later this month, but even that doesn’t guarantee that an actual plan or price tag will be in place — it’s a fair assumption that we could be here awhile as the details get worked out, which when hundreds of millions of public dollars are at stake isn’t a bad thing at all.

5 comments on “Flames owners on arena Plan B: Reply hazy, ask again later

  1. I’m beginning to think that Murray Edwards is scared that if he moves to Quebec or Seattle, some rich Albertan will start up a new Flames. I guess Calgary is a powerful enough hockey market to play hardball on stadium financing. Kudos to Nemshi for recognizing that fact.

    • Too bad the city further north didn’t figure that out. A record tying playoff absence and they still have incredible support. The city probably could have gotten away with no contribution whatsoever.

  2. I laughed at this comment from City of Calgary Councillor Evan Woolley:

    “Whatever happens, I think Calgarians recognize that arena is getting old, I think there is a passion for the Calgary Flames in this city, but at the same time, there’s probably no public appetite to invest public money for private business. I don’t think the Flames have any expectations of that either.”

    Sure the Flames don’t have any expectations for public money…

    (Source: http://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/calgarynext-plan-b-is-being-examined)

    • Yep. “Flames don’t have any expectations… for public money” gets my vote for most inaccurate statement of 2016 (statements made by Ben Miller are excluded obviously, as they would win all top ten spots if we could count them).

  3. Just love the political doublespeak by King here…

    The city has rejected Plan A and told the team to call back when they have some kind of plan that might actually work.

    King translates this as “we have accepted an offer from the city to look at an alternate plan”.

    That’s a nice way of reporting that they were told to F*** off, isn’t it? Probably the nicest way possible to say that… it bears no relation to what the city actually told them, but hey, it makes it sound like the onus is on the city to find a plan (and the money) to satisfy the Flames. Orwell would be proud.