Vikings stadium thinks it looks like Viking ship, is sadly deluded

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Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.16.50 AMSo … is the Viking ship sinking into the parking lot? Being eaten by a whale? Carefully preserved inside a steel-and-glass museum that looks nothing like a Viking ship? Modern architecture confuses me.

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  1. I find the whole concept of a “modernized Viking ship” confusing. Why would anyone modernize a Viking ship?

    Or isn’t a modernized Viking ship a “destroyer” or an “aircraft carrier?”

  2. Looks great. Can’t wait to be there for the opener along with several thousand Packers fans.

    • The economic spinoffs from you attending will probably pay for the project alone!

  3. Wait a minute; I just clicked the link. Did you just take one of Business Insider’s writing interns seriously?

    • They have specifically said when the buildings look has been criticized that it is supposed to have the aspect of a Viking ship’s prow, or horns. It kind of does from a few angles…sadly not the angles where most people will be viewing it (the freeway), or where the aircraft will be doing aerial shots of the downtown (over prospect park).

      • It kind of looks best from in downtown, which is an odd choice since there are you know, buildings in the way.

    • Ben, this was actually written by Business Insider’s sports editor:

      Though admittedly, he has been known to research like an intern:

    • You mean the one that has had about 13 major renovations? Granted, it looks better now than it did in the 70’s…when Soldier Field was more open to the elements…but the Astroturf in the winter was like ice.

      It was a homefield advantage, if one liked the atmosphere out of ‘The Exorcist’. Then again…at least they did not have something so weird like the Viking Ship that could double as a ‘modern art masterpiece’.

      • I believe pre-renovation late 90s up to 2002 Soldier Field was the best place I ever watched a football game. It was a great place for regular fans.

        What they did to it was a travesty. That the taxpayers paid for that monstrosity made it all the worse.

        • Oh yeah..the ones in the 90’s (from watching via cable) worked. But there is now the ‘Paul Brown Stadium’ inspired scoreboard on the premises, which one has to wonder about.

          Ooops I just invoked a curse there. After all..if some get renovated with new bells and whistles, so does PBS. Up to and including that moat that is being touted as part of the replacement of FedUp….I mean FedEx Field.

        • I agree. Once the artificial turf was gone and it was a grass field again, Soldier Field was just right.

          I remember a spaceship stadium design probably in the mid 80s for a theoretical Bears stadium in Arlington Heights or some place like that. At least the vaportecture actually happened in this case…

        • As a Bears season ticket holder from 1983, I find this hard to comprehend. Old Soldier Field had more seats in the end zones than sidelines. Poor views from many seats in the North end. Inadequate scoreboards and concessions. Hundreds of porta-potties to compensate for the lack of bathrooms. The distinguishing architectural feature of the place was fenced off and inaccessible.

          It did have a great tailgating scene, which the Bears have manage to only partially kill off. It was a dump, but it was our dump. Having said that, the external architectural nightmare that is New Soldier Field is a better place to watch football in every way I can imagine, except for the loss of the Big Bear Band. Better sightlines, amenities, bathrooms, scoreboards–everything. No way would I want to go back to pre-2003.

          • Mark,

            Point taken…but this could have been much worse if Chicago had won the bid for the Olympics a few years back.

            Along with if that had happened, well one would have to hope for some hyper rabid Bears fans to fill the place, thus offsetting the expansion costs for the ballpark. But thankfully that did not occur.

            Also this is parsecs above what was in Champaign. From watching the televised games….the sightlines, etc were bad. Fine for college, abysmal for the NFL.

          • Yeah, the toilets weren’t great but at least seats weren’t in the stratosphere like all the new stadiums including the monstrosity.

            I couldn’t care less for “amenities”. If I wanted “amenities” I’d watch the game in my living room.

  4. I thought a stadium was supposed to basically just be a place to watch a game. I didn’t know it had to be “art.”

  5. Viking ships were used to pilfer and plunder, weren’t they – how appropriate as it is still going on today. I find it hard to watch the Vikings on the History Channel because it is so violent.

    • Vikings stadium has been used to pilfer and plunder from the public purse, to the benefit of the rich, appropriate, as you say.

      I haven’t watched the recent HC series, but my assumption is that the hollywood version of Viking life is very much a construct designed to get people to watch and very little like, you know, actually being a Viking was.

      This is also an appropriate as the NFL routinely attempts to align itself with “Gladiatorial” combat in an act of self glorification – right down to the serious brain injuries, though they like to talk about that alot less…

      • When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! The U of MN and Hennepin County Medical Center are teaming up to do a very serious study of concussions.

        A few years ago, De LaSalle High School in Minneapolis started placing some kind of new technology on helmets used by football players to detect how hard they had been hit. Not a preventive measure, but probably made people feel vaguely better that someone cares or something like that. I can’t think straight since my concussion.

  6. It’s really a shame this place wasn’t sponsored by (or naming rights sold to) Acura, as the facility appears to have been designed to mimic design elements from the RDX almost perfectly. Maybe they figured out during the build that if they made it look like a particular car they couldn’t auction off naming rights as competitively.

    Sure makes the PGA look lame for making a Kia look like it is floating on a pond though…

    A billion dollars+ and it looks like a giant mock up of a mid range SUV. Sigh.