Cobb County rethinks throwing people in jail for renting bootleg parking spaces to Braves fans

After more reports of just how awful the Atlanta Braves nobody-can-rent-parking-spaces-but-us ordinance is — the Atlanta Journal Constitution revealed this week that anyone offering parking within half a mile of the Braves’ new stadium could be subject to up to 60 days in jail — Cobb County has finally decided maybe this isn’t the best way to throw a bone to the Braves owners:

That’s awfully vague, mind you, and doesn’t preclude continuing to use the ban on anyone other than the Braves renting parking spaces on game days as a stick with which to arm-twist local parking lot owners into renting their spaces to the team at cheap rates. (Can you twist arms with a stick? Enh, poetic license.) If Cobb County leaders are indeed walking this back, we should find out on , when the county will be holding their first public hearing on the proposed ordinance. That’s also the day that current county commission chair (and Braves stadium deal architect) Tim Lee and his opponent Mike Boyce face a runoff election, so that could be a very interesting 24 hours.

5 comments on “Cobb County rethinks throwing people in jail for renting bootleg parking spaces to Braves fans

  1. I assume the “proposed ordinance” is an amendment to the one secretly passed back in February?

    Regardless, this is a classic case of giving something away in a leverage-free negotiation. Little late for the Braves to decide to stay in Atlanta.

  2. If I’m these office park owners, I get together and tell the Braves to F off. They will be screwed on parking if they don’t have use of these lots. The Braves need this parking for sure.

  3. Has anyone with the Department of Justice looked at the Board of Commissioners for RICO violations? These guys must hold their meeting at the Bada Bing.

  4. “(Can you twist arms with a stick? Enh, poetic license.)”

    You can if you first bind the stick to the forearm, tourniquet-style.

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