Three weeks after promised arena announcement, Coyotes owner still hasn’t revealed site

It’s now been three weeks since Arizona Coyotes owner Anthony LeBlanc’s promised announcement of a new arena site for his team, which he met by saying he had one but he wasn’t going to tell anyone where it was yet. Supposedly he was going to tell us all about it once a “real estate agreement” had been worked out, but either the lawyers are still haggling or he was blowing smoke, because there hasn’t been a peep since. Look, here’s an Arena Digest report all about how there’s no news to report!

Tune in next Thursday to see if LeBlanc is still twiddling his thumbs on this. What, you had something better to do this summer?

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9 comments on “Three weeks after promised arena announcement, Coyotes owner still hasn’t revealed site

  1. LeBlanc will keep stalling for time until someone offers him a free arena and pays him to play there. If the NHL doesn’t care than this could go on forever…

  2. Maybe the NHL only expanding by 1 opened up the ability to blackmail harder than he would have?

  3. He’s not twiddling his thumbs. He’s busy playing the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community off against the City of Tempe, Arizona State University (which, through the “ASU Foundation” and president Michael Crow, has become quite the promoter and beneficiary of real estate con games), etc. SRPMIC probably has the least to lose considering how long their arena-targeted land has laid fallow. But LeBlanc is probably looking for cash, too, and that’s going to be a problem wherever he hucksters his snake oil.

  4. Maybe, like the fictitious Piranha brothers, LeBlanc has hit on a new, new operation:

    He’s waiting for some city to sign a binding ten year contractual agreement to pay him $15m/year just to announce that he is moving his club there.

    It is not clear to me at this point whether he would have to announce this in each of the ten years, or just once at the signing ceremony.

      1. That would depend on whether the lawyers writing the contract are ‘better’ than the one’s reading it, I assume…

    1. We’ll find out where the new arena will be located when it is announced that LeBlanc has nailed the winning group’s heads to the floor.

  5. It has always been speculated that Ice Arizona’s out card was a sale of the asset in a relocation move, this remains the only plausible outcome for this group. Remaining on a year to year lease at Gila River Arena or even a longer lease is a sure loser. Sell out every seat, and it still is a loser. Partner with someone else in the Valley and the economics look the same. We all know where this is headed, but the NHL doesn’t wanna admit their mistake until they’ve completely run out of options.

    1. Most likely true, James.
      But I wouldn’t rule out LeBlanc or some of the other co-owners remaining part of the ownership group in a new location… where the team might actually be capable of turning a profit on operations (depends where it goes).

      I suspect that the plan to move to Scottsdale/Mesa area will, if successful (IE: have someone else pay for the arena and play in it, at worst, for free) still leave them short of profitability… but I don’t doubt it will be better than where they are (at least for the club owners).

      The Phoenix area has had hockey available as an entertainment option since the 1960s… some people love it, but not enough to make it a viable business in this area. I don’t see that changing.

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