Virginia governor says he’ll pay for NFL stadium by “being creative”

What with all the talk about the proposed crazy stadium-with-a-moat that Daniel Snyder wants to build in Washington, D.C. for his NFL team, it’s been easy to forget that the governors of Virginia and Maryland are itching to lure the team to their states as well. So it’s only understandable that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe made it a point on Friday to talk up how he’d love to build the team its second new stadium in two decades:

“I view this as a Virginia team,” the governor said on ESPN 980 on Friday morning, during an appearance at the team’s training camp facilities in Richmond. “I know they’re in Maryland right now. But a majority of the season ticket holders are Virginians, all the players live in Virginia, we have all of your [practice] facilities. . . . We’re in very serious negotiations, as I assume other jurisdictions are. Listen, we would love to have them.”

And how would this new stadium, located who knows where in Virginia, be funded?

The governor repeatedly cited the need to craft a deal that would be fair to Virginia taxpayers but said “if we can come up and be creative with a deal that works for everybody, then I think the team will be here. … What I always say is it’s got to make sense for the taxpayers of Virginia. We’ve got to negotiate a deal — my job as governor is to get economic activity — but you’ve also got to protect the taxpayer dollars. And we’ve got to be creative with this thing, so we’re protecting the taxpayers, it’s in the taxpayers’ best interests and it’s a win-win for the Redskins.”

That’s two uses of the word “creative,” so clearly McAuliffe is intent on some outside-the-box thinking that enables both taxpayers and Snyder to make a profit on a construction project that will almost certainly lose money. I’d suggest the traditional method, but to really get creative, maybe they should just do the financing in Modulo 1,000,000,000 and hope the construction costs wrap around.

4 comments on “Virginia governor says he’ll pay for NFL stadium by “being creative”

  1. In related news, Vincent Orange, who earlier had lost a primary for his DC Council seat, has decided to resign his seat five months before the end of his term.

    This can’t be good news for those who were hoping for an NFL stadium with a waterpark inside the District.

  2. Hey hey, the Modulo! That’s how RC4 keystreams are created from encryption keys. But RC4 is byte-by-byte encryption and stream ciphers are out of vogue nowadays (even though I think we need more balance between security and processing power to combat climate change).

    Anywho, good to hear about Virginia but we know that this thing is going to the RFK site. I do like the move for McAuliffe, though. Gives his constituents in northern Virginia (almost all of whose livelihoods are dependent on our federal tax dollars) something to dream about.

  3. Decided to resign is a bit strong. Orange was told to resign or be impeached due to conflict of interest issues with the DC Chamber of Conference that he is also the chairman of. Since he’s not being re-elected he took the resignation route.

    • Obviously this is because other council members don’t like him, thought he was crazy, or both–given what Jack Evans has gotten away with for years on conflict of interest.