Nassau could try to bring Islanders back to Coliseum, or Post could be on the pipe again

Hey, check it out, it’s yet another unsourced New York Post rumor about the New York Islanders moving somewhere!

Despite the team’s new ownership giving no indication it was open to such a move, county officials are in talks with the team’s current landlord about a move back to the Nassau Coliseum, sources said…

Mikhail Prohorov, who owns Barclays Center, the team’ s current home, and operates the Coliseum — which is undergoing a top-to-bottom $260 million renovation — supports the concept of the Islanders moving back east, two sources close to the situation said.

The Post has a long history of “exclusives” that never panned out, but sure, maybe? “In talks with” just means somebody put in a call to somebody, after all, and with Prokhorov (the Post couldn’t be bothered to spell his name right) running the Coliseum, presumably his people are regularly talking to Nassau’s people anyway. So it’s completely feasible that along the way somebody said, “Hey, if the Islanders wanted to move to Nassau would you be cool with it?” and they said “Sure, whatev.”

The more interesting bit here is tea-leaf reading to try to figure out who among the multiple sides at work would have chosen to leak this to the Post. Nassau County officials? Sure, it lets them remind people they still have an arena (albeit downsized in ongoing renovations) and a bunch of Islanders fans, so why not? Prokhorov? As a gambit to tell the Islanders owners “We don’t care if you’re threatening to move to Queens,” possibly, though that seems a bit convoluted.

The reporter breaking this story is a Post business writer, not a sports writer, so that would tend to indicate government official more likely, but really it could be anybody, including the guy in the next cubicle. It’s all gamesmanship and clickbait right now, so don’t take anything too seriously until it comes with some actual money attached, or at least a named source.

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3 comments on “Nassau could try to bring Islanders back to Coliseum, or Post could be on the pipe again

  1. I would love to see the Islanders move to Queens. Right near Citi Field. That way I could see both of my favorite teams. Let’s go Islanders to Queens, NY

  2. Wouldn’t it be prudent to at least get together and see if it’s feasible to modify the renovations so it could host a team if it came to that? I would think 16K would be more than enough, though I don’t know if there would be room for that many seats with the other upgrades such as suites, loges, etc.

  3. Kosman is a joke, article 10 from him from him. Did Brodsky, Baubach or Marshall call for Dolan’s Newsday to get the competition out of NY to save cable contract money again?

    Funny how Kosman is terrified to write a word on Dolan on his tax exemption or that expiring operating permit at obstructed view Chase Garden.

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