Nevada pols could vote on Raiders stadium funds before transportation plan, here we go again

With all the hype about a new Las Vegas stadium to bring the Oakland Raiders to town, there hasn’t been a whole lot of talk about the process needed to actually approve $950 million in subsidies for any such deal. What it would take to approve a stadium this fall is a special session of the legislature, which would need to approve not only the subsidy itself, but transportation and security plans for a stadium site, once one is selected. (Raiders owner Mark Davis reportedly has an option to buy one site, but that’s just an option, and likely was only announced as part of Davis’s momentum-building campaign.) Or, hell, maybe they’ll just punt on all the other stuff and vote on giving Davis and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson a big pile of money:

“In this case, there’s an issue about transportation, and there’s also an issue about security, said Robert Lang, director of Brookings Mountain West.  “Those are the two big pieces that you need to address as you get a stadium.”

Economist and Lang say those concerns would likely be cut out of the main bill that would fund the public’s portion of the stadium.

Oh yeah, this is going to go real well.

4 comments on “Nevada pols could vote on Raiders stadium funds before transportation plan, here we go again

  1. Meanwhile in Reno we have a ballot measure to raise the Sales Tax to the highest level in the state to fund schools that are last in the nation. Priorities, Nevada has ’em!

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