Here’s the Hornets’ new scoreboards, also my Brooklyn book is out in two weeks

Want to see $24 million worth of scoreboards (okay, all that money didn’t go to scoreboards, but some of it did) that the Charlotte Hornets built with public money? Here you go!

hornets-scoreboard-mk009750xx5642-3174-0-294And there’s a whole slideshow full of more of them here, though most of them aren’t very interesting.

In almost but quite entirely unrelated news, today my publisher Second System Press and I announced that my book The Brooklyn Wars will be available for purchase starting Tuesday, September 27. This is somewhat related because one-quarter of The Brooklyn Wars is dedicated to a recounting of the planning, construction, and aftermath of the Brooklyn Nets’ Barclays Center and its surrounding Atlantic Yards development project — any Field of Schemes readers who are members of the press and would like an electronic review copy right now, drop me an email and we’ll talk. Kickstarter funders, meanwhile, should check their email inboxes for immediate download codes. For everyone else, cool your jets for another 15 days.

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6 comments on “Here’s the Hornets’ new scoreboards, also my Brooklyn book is out in two weeks

  1. Nice….or as my dad and others from the old place would have said:

    ‘Another Brooklyn Kid has Done Good!’

  2. How many billion jobs did that project create?

  3. Considering how Charlotte lost both the ACC and NCAA college games, maybe this isn’t a good time to be spending money updating the scoreboards.

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