D.C. council brags on Twitter about how much stadium money it threw at Nationals owners, um

Thanks to Deadspin (and a couple of Twitter followers) for pointing this one out:

Boom! Nice snappy comeback, D.C. city council social media person, noting how your local politicians gave MLB everything it asked for in stadium funding without even trying to negotiate a better deal, then kept ladling on more and more money as costs went up, eventually arriving at a figure of more than $700 million, then the largest MLB stadium subsidy in history (but since surpassed by the New York Yankees, depending on how you count federal tax breaks). Now that’s something to brag about.

Adds Deadspin:

This past weekend, the District handed over city land to D.C. United, as part of an agreement for a new soccer stadium that will see the city shell out $150 million.

The D.C. council hasn’t tweeted proudly about that one yet, either because D.C. United is in fifth place and may miss the playoffs, or because the councilfolk are just so darn humble.

7 comments on “D.C. council brags on Twitter about how much stadium money it threw at Nationals owners, um

  1. In the DC City Council’s defense (you know, I’ve been accused of playing Devil’s Advocate many times, but this may be the literal closest I’ve come), influential locals pushed some Coty Council members to back the project against their best instincts. I read the Tweet as them saying “we already have the Nats a stupid stadium because of You People, what more do you want?”

    • Influential locals? You mean the mayor and councilmember Jack Evans?

      I think the best face you can put on this is “Those other people who used to be on the council were stupid enough to cough up a lot of stadium money, but we’re not (except for D.C. United and the Wizards, but that doesn’t count GO NATS!).”

  2. Why is it the City Council’s job to support a team’s pennant run? I’d guess there are other issues the council is dealing with. (Metro repairs,crime, school funding, statehood, etc). Kind of myopic sports fan thinking that the world revolves around their business.

  3. They won’t brag about getting DC United out of RFK until they drop 2 billion on the new Redskins stadium.

  4. I recently saw something about professional sports team owners comprise 44 of the Forbes 400 list. This figure, I think, was a double digit gain from the last list. Why in the world is it legal to support these guys with tax dollars to build and upgrade stadiums?

  5. Written by the same self serving pr flacks who fill space
    on the “Ballpark Digest” site.

  6. I didn’t read this as the Council bragging about the money they spent, they were asked to do more and replied that they had already done more than enough.

    That soccer stadium, at a fifth of the price, is the worse deal. The United can’t draw 10k fans at $20 a ticket. With so few home games this won’t spur development and won’t increase tax receipts.