Unapproved Braves vendors will still face arrest but maybe not jail, now quit your griping

The Cobb County Commission, having somewhat walked back plans to arrest anyone near the new Atlanta Braves stadium who offers parking spaces to Braves fans, is now backing away from restrictions on unapproved vendors around the stadium, too, saying they won’t necessarily face jail time:

Earlier this year, the county amended its anti-peddling ordinance to essentially grant an exemption for the Braves to control vending at the stadium and The Battery, a mixed-use development under construction next to SunTrust Park. It included what the county described as “standard misdemeanor language,” including fines and jail time for violators.

Following pushback, the county suspended the ordinance to remove references to specific penalties, effectively leaving the matter in the hands of the magistrate court.

Braves fans who want to buy peanuts for less than eight dollars, rejoice! Vendors will now be free to sell them to you and maybe escape jail time if they can talk a judge into a lesser penalty! That’ll be something to celebrate while running across the highway next year to watch the National League’s best last-place team.

2 comments on “Unapproved Braves vendors will still face arrest but maybe not jail, now quit your griping

  1. Treat your fans like crap and you might erode your fan base. Oh , Cub fans , forget last comment.

  2. http://www.ajc.com/news/local-govt–politics/galleria-build-500k-elevator-braves-bridge-cobb-county/GF5jOjg8QcA1kYZQTKVFIL/

    the south end of the bridge(shopping mall side) will have an expensive elevator to make it sort of ADA compliant.

    nevermind the fact that none of the bridge beams are even in place yet, this bridge is gonna have to be rushed to even come close to being ready for Opening Night(Friday night game in Atlanta, should be fun to watch Carmageddon Atlanta 2017)