Field of Schemes live talk, Tues 11/15, UConn campus bookstore in Storrs, CT

Today’s decision day for the Texas Rangers owners’ stadium subsidy proposal, and the San Diego Chargers owners’ stadium subsidy proposal, and probably some other stuff people are voting on nationwide, I haven’t really been paying attention. I’ll be up late to report in as returns are available.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to talk to me directly about these and other matters of sports venues and who pays for them, and will for some reason be in the vicinity of Storrs, Connecticut next Tuesday, I’ll be giving a talk at the University of Connecticut campus bookstore at 4 pm, and generally hanging around campus all day to drop some stadium science upon the undergraduate masses. (Do college students still say “drop some science”? Probably should check on that before next week.) It’s free, and I’ll be signing copies of Field of Schemes if you don’t have one or need to do any early holiday shopping, so come on down!

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8 comments on “Field of Schemes live talk, Tues 11/15, UConn campus bookstore in Storrs, CT

    1. I’ll see if I can swing by DDP on the way back to NYC on Wednesday. Amtrak seems to have shut down almost all its service to Hartford, so I may well end up stuck there for a while.

      1. They’re rebuilding the tracks from Hartford to NH, so there is limited service. You can take the 6:35a NE regional from Hartford or the Vermonter in the afternoon, but otherwise they’ll bus you from Hartford to New Haven and then train from there. If you do end up at Hartford Union Station the park is walkable from there, maybe 3/4 mile.

        1. Aha, that explains it, thanks! Will probably do the bus, then, unless I can wangle a ride to New Haven.

          (Man, is begging rides to and from the nearest train station ever bringing me back to my college days.)

      2. UPDATE: I just tried to book my return trip via the Amtrak site, and it suggested a route that had me transferring in Chicago.

  1. I hope the students and professors beg you to write a similar book and maintain a similar website on the college sports industry.

  2. If I was anywhere close I would kill for a chance to hear this live talk. Please come to Louisville at some point in the near future. We have a ton of interesting local facilities topics available to discuss (YUM Center, Possible new soccer stadium, and talks of Ice hockey).
    I am a doctoral student in the UL Sports Administration program with research interest in sport facilities and a hobby of seeing how they are funded. I follow your website religiously.

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