MN gov: Who said Vikings could have exclusive soccer rights to stadium? (whistles, averts eyes)

Minnesota United, which starts play in the MLS next year, is building a new stadium in St. Paul, with the help of state tax breaks. The team’s owners would like to use U.S. Bank Stadium, the new home of the Vikings that got about half a billion dollars in state funds and is owned by the state so that it can get hundreds of millions more in property tax breaks, for a few friendly matches (that’s soccer for “exhibition games”) against international teams. Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, whose own application for an MLS franchise was rejected in favor of Minnesota United’s (which was backed by, among others, the owner of the Twins), is now threatening to sue, saying they have exclusive rights to have an MLS team play home games at the stadium, and exhibition games count as home games, so nyah.

All this pissing match between two sports gorillas (er, sorry for that image) has left Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton in the rare position of being able to attack one local sports baron in the defense of another, and he took full advantage on Wednesday:

Gov. Mark Dayton called the Vikings’ opposition to possible Major League Soccer games at U.S. Bank Stadium “sour grapes” because the team’s owners lost an expansion franchise to a rival group led by former UnitedHealth Group CEO Bill McGuire…

“This is not the Vikings’ stadium,” he added. “This is the people of Minnesota’s stadium. It’s run by the stadium authority for the people’s benefit which means generating opportunities for Minnesotans to come together and support the various opportunities they enjoy.”

You go, Mark! Maybe everyone will forget that the whole reason the Vikings have that stadium — and the lease clause about soccer rights — is because you spent years campaigning for it.


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6 comments on “MN gov: Who said Vikings could have exclusive soccer rights to stadium? (whistles, averts eyes)

  1. “The NFL” = “The National Football League” = “The League.”

    “The NBA” = “The National Basketball Association” = “The Association.”

    “The MLS” = “The Major League Soccer” = “The Soccer?”

    You don’t say “the MLB,” and “the MLS” is incorrect as well.

    1. Yes, that is incorrect and yes it is hysterical that this is the easiest way to get an MLS fan’s panties in a wad*.

      (Nothing sexist meant by use of a possibly outdated figure of speech).

  2. Anon Minnesota United are indeed using TCF Bank Stadium in 2017 for MLS matches. I assume the Ugly Viking Ship Stadium was looked at for doubleheaders featuring certain glamorous foreign teams

  3. How many times did I grease that guy to get this thing built and THIS IS HOW HE REPAYS ME?!?!? Tonight I settle all debts….

    Oh sorry, been into the 100 year old cognac a little too much here, sitting on my gold commode on Park Avenue. I do my best thinking there but sometimes my little fantasies run away with me.

    Yes indeed, people’s stadium, that’s right. I get most of the revenue, I guess they can have their stupid soccer matches.

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