Vikings stadium paneling keeps coming loose, because it’s windy

The Minnesota Vikings‘ new $1.1 billion stadium is only four months old, and already bits are falling off it:

Workers have repaired a missing strip of zinc paneling that fell from U.S. Bank Stadium’s western prow on Monday, prompting building contractor M.A. Mortenson Construction to reinforce the facade in hopes of preventing further damage from high winds.

Mortenson executive John Wood said Wednesday that the company, along with subcontractor McGrath, will install additional fasteners to exterior panels in the coming weeks…

Initially, the panels were bolted down only along the bottom edge. After heavy storms last summer, some panels came loose and flapped in the wind. Mortenson workers then reinforced the panels along the top edge.

None of this is a catastrophe or anything — the zinc panels turned out not to be fastened securely enough to hold up to severe weather, and the contractor will fix it under the building’s two-year warranty. But it’s a worthwhile reminder that buildings require upkeep, so something coming loose isn’t any more a sign that a stadium is in need of replacement when it’s four months old than when it’s 40 years old. Though if you want to go ahead and make “U.S. Bank Stadium is falling apart, time to build a new one” jokes, by all means be my guest.

5 comments on “Vikings stadium paneling keeps coming loose, because it’s windy

  1. Only a two year warranty on a 1.1 billion dollar stadium? Heck, the workmanship warranty on my house’s roof is for seven years and the shingles are good for 30. What’s their deductible? 50 million?

  2. In my opinion, the joke is that the paneling fell from the “western prow”. Ahoy, matey!

  3. They should start building a new one, this one is falling apart and in 4 years time it will 5 years old, making it the 30th oldest stadium in the NFL!

  4. First my team falls apart and then my shiny new palace starts falling apart. Sigh. I guess it’s time to start gathering public stadium cash for new digs. It was a nice year in there but there does come a time when you have to get something absolutely state of the art, or leave for a city that will truly love you and show you the love by showering you with green.