NFL set to discuss Chargers-to-L.A. next Wednesday, as Spanos grubs for more stadium cash

We finally have a D-Day of sorts for the San Diego Chargerslong-rumored-by-Jason-La-Canfora move to Los Angeles, as the NFL’s finance and stadium committees will meet next Wednesday to discuss the relocation. On the surface, there wouldn’t seem to be much to discuss since the league already approved the terms of a Chargers move last January, but given that it’s the NFL, there’s always something to haggle about:

It’s believed that [Chargers owner Dean] Spanos could be seeking more money from the NFL to help him stay in San Diego. It appears that money is needed to bridge the gap between money already available from the league and the team, and public contribution from the city, county and San Diego State.

That’s completely unsourced, you’ll note — nice weasel wording with that “it’s believed,” Associated Press! — but if true, is kind of interesting: Apparently Spanos is holding out hope that the other NFL owners want him to stay put in San Diego badly enough that they’ll increase the $100 million offer they made to help him build a stadium there. That doesn’t seem all too likely, but you don’t get if you don’t ask, right?

The “gap” between money already available and what a stadium would cost, as a reminder, is pretty much “all of it,” given that in November San Diego voters overwhelmingly rejected funding $1.15 billion of a $1.8 billion stadium. Spanos needs to hope he’s better at last-second comeback attempts in the board room than his team is on the field.

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  1. The completely unsubstantiated “offer” from the city (see a recent Kevin Acee article about unsourced funding) apparently also includes a pledge from San Diego State to fundraise $100M for stadium construction. Doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of guarantee the Chargers have been seeking for Other people’s Money…

  2. IF the concept of Spanos going back to the NFL for a handout is true, I wonder if he is relenting on the year-old Mission Valley plan:

    – $200 million in cash from the city, to be raised via lease revenue bonds (which San Diego officials say won’t require a public vote), then paid off by the city out of general revenues
    – $150 million in cash from the county (which would require a public vote, which couldn’t take place until June)
    – $362.5 million from the Chargers (who could use naming-rights fees to cover part of this)
    – $187.5 million from PSL sales
    – $200 million from the NFL’s G-4 program

    I can’t see the NFL handing out enough to make the Convadium or downtown viable. But who knows.

    • The county cut their possible contribution to $75 million. We will never approve the city or county funding. Fyi, PSLs wouldn’t have generated that much revenue before Spanos crapped on his fans.

      Go to LA or Vegas or anywhere just get out of San Diego.

    • Isn’t the G-4 program’s bank account empty? Doesn’t recapitalizing it require the consent of the PA under the current agreement?

  3. Good news everyone. They found a funding plan!

    To be honest though it’s as realistic as all the others., even if meant as a joke.

  4. Has anyone found a real source for the supposed $550 million relocation fee? All I ever saw was a super secret fake news insider and multiple no comments from the NFL last January.

    • I’ve been wondering about that since the very start. Spanos appears to be very cash poor for a billionaire and if he had $550 million in cash he wouldn’t be in the mess he is in. If he put up even half that amount he would have likely gotten a deal of some sort done in San Diego and wouldn’t need to worry about relocating.

  5. Chargers share new expensive stadium in LA with Rams; Raiders share new expensive stadium in Santa Clara with 49er’s. Easy, done.

  6. Dean just took it up the tailpipe when Stan muscled his way into L.A. and he’s been floundering ever since, although I think his plan to leverage L.A. from 120 miles down the road really never had much of a chance anyway. California is a different animal when it comes to public stadium cash… one that bites your hand when you stick it out!

  7. If it’s true, this will be a giant failure on so many levels. How long until Spanos comes crawling back to San Diego?