Pretty much every Olympic sports venue in Rio is falling apart now

And finally today, in The Olympics Are Bad For People And Other Living Things news, Deadspin has a rundown of all the Olympic venues in Rio de Janeiro that are falling apart just months after the games were concluded, which is basically “all of them”: The Maracanã soccer stadium that was upgraded for the 2014 World Cup is plagued by patchy grass and power outages to save operating costs (and vandals stealing seats during the power outages), a complex of nine Olympic venues that was supposed to be auctioned off after the games drew zero qualified bidders, an Olympic site that was turned into a public park was closed when its private manager shut down, and its $19 million Olympic golf course is falling into disrepair. All this for a cost of only $10-12 billion in public money!

Some of this, no doubt, has to do with Brazil’s political turmoil and resulting economic crisis, which is what leads a government to do things like skimp on paying the light bill at its most iconic soccer stadium. But when the best you can say about hosting the Olympics is “Hey, we might have been left with lots of nice but unneeded sports venues for our $10 billion if only our entire nation hadn’t collapsed,” that’s not really the best selling point for hosting the Olympics.

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3 comments on “Pretty much every Olympic sports venue in Rio is falling apart now

  1. It was somewhat surprising nothing fell apart DURING the Olympics. Trying to remember all the problems: Some venues (cycling was one, I think) were never completed, flooding and electrical issues in the athletes’ dorms, bicycle bridge along the shore collapsed, a minor storm wiped out part of the sailing venue, virtually everything was rushed to completion just days before the Games started…

  2. I liked how some of Lake Placid’s 1980 facilities were converted into a prison after the games. It seems fitting for the IOC.

  3. I was reading somewhere (I cannot remember where so sorry) that the IOC was somewhat cool on the LA 2024 bid because that bid utilizes existing venues (with upgrades of course) instead of building lots of new ones. Less opportunity for graft I guess.

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