Coyotes owner now OK with staying in Glendale while he waits to be gifted with a new arena

Arizona Coyotes owner Anthony LeBlance said yesterday that he’s still “pretty confident” he’ll get a new arena somewhere, and blah blah blah whatever, of course he’ll say that, but — hey, what’s that?

The Coyotes still have no intention of calling Gila River Arena home for any longer than they have to.

“We’re okay staying in Glendale if we know that there’s certainty of a new facility coming online and shovels in the ground,” said LeBlanc.

Well, that’s new. Admittedly, LeBlanc doesn’t have much of a choice but to stay in Glendale for a while if he wants to stay in the Phoenix area and has to wait on a new arena, but previously he’d made noise about getting out of Glendale “as soon as practicable,” and … okay, I guess this isn’t technically any different, but it does put more of an emphasis on being willing to stay put for a while if necessary. Though only if he can smell those shovels in the ground. Otherwise … he’s not saying, but you don’t wanna cross him, man, there’s no telling what he’ll do. Just not move to Portland or Seattle, because he wouldn’t do that. Is this threat working yet?

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7 comments on “Coyotes owner now OK with staying in Glendale while he waits to be gifted with a new arena

  1. So, to fill out the metaphor…

    Glendale’s perpetually unemployed brother in law threatened to move out of the basement to somewhere better if the subject of paying rent was broached. I’m surprised, because the whole “stay in your basement for free in exchange for doing odd jobs around the house” thing turned out to be more like staying in the basement, not paying rent, not doing any odd jobs around the house and also borrowing money for cab fare, missed car payments on the 1977 Boogie Van, and maybe ordering pizza then not being around when the delivery guy comes to the door but turning up again a few minutes after the delivery guy has been paid by someone else etc etc…. man, that sure seemed like a win win for everyone when it was first agreed didn’t it?

    So now, the deadbeat brother in law has not managed to find anywhere else to stay for free, or better yet be paid to stay while still sticking the new landlord with food delivery costs, and so now the brother in law is back to ‘give you one more chance to be a better brother in law”?

    Yeah. Wow. Didn’t see that coming at all, did we?

  2. LeBlanc is threatening to move out of the basement “as soon as practicable” since the ungrateful people of Glendale aren’t paying him to live in their basement anymore (actually he’s living upstairs in the nice part of the house). Surprisingly, that’s a threat that has led to a proposal to build LeBlanc and his deadbeat family a whole new house.

  3. The Legislative Bill, SB1474, has been modified to remove the Tempe-specific information.

    The committee will meet today, February 13 at 2:00 p.m. to see if they can get it to the next stage.

  4. Apparently, Sen Worsley is now attempting an end around by inserting all of the language from SB1474 into SB1149.

    It should be noted that he is the Chairman of committee where this bill is now.

  5. Senate passes bill for Coyotes tax district

  6. Glendale should DOUBLE their rent, or throw the bums out.
    Read the FACTS of what they did to Glendale:

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