Virginia takes lead in willingness to overlook “Redskins” name to throw money at team owner

Legislators in D.C. and Maryland have proposed bills barring public money or land from going to Washington’s NFL team so long as it’s called the “Redskins,” and while both face uphill battles, the Washington Post has its eyes on the real story here: Ooh, boy, maybe this means Virginia will get the team now!

A bill proposed by Maryland and District lawmakers this week could give Virginia an edge in landing the Redskins’ next stadium…

Virginia may be the easiest jurisdiction to cut a deal with. Gov. Terry McAuliffe has no problem with the team’s name and has been talking to the Redskins since last summer…

[Team owner Daniel] Snyder needs to move quickly: McAuliffe’s term ends next January and who knows how his successor will feel about pledging $1 billion in public money or the team’s controversial name.

The Washingtonian, meanwhile, says that one bidder isn’t nearly enough, so really West Virginia and Delaware should get in on the action, so that Snyder can get the best deal possible:

Snyder will need at least three bidders to get the best deal for the consistently mediocre team, which has a racist slur for a name. Should the proposed legislation in Maryland and DC succeed, it would be an ideal time for some of the wider Washington area make a play for the Redskins.

Delaware is a summer base for many Washingtonians and a two-hour drive isn’t out of the question for rabid football fans (even if people who actually live in Delaware are more likely to follow the Eagles or Giants). It’s facing a tough budget crunch, but maybe there’s a little room for football on the books? And then there’s West Virginia, a state that belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers but includes part of the same metropolitan statistical area as what most people consider to be Washington. It, too, is within the arguable limits for a Sunday drive, and it’s the closest red state, an increasingly important criterion for this team. That new stadium design could even work in Charleston, maybe!

The Washingtonian is joking, I think. I have no explanation for why the Post seems to think that a governor who is willing to spend $1 billion so that a team owned by an asshole billionaire who is at best an unrepentant apologist for racism can replace its stadium that’s just 20 years old is an opportunity for Virginia, and not a danger to be avoided.

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9 comments on “Virginia takes lead in willingness to overlook “Redskins” name to throw money at team owner

  1. I’m pretty sure that Washingtonian article is tongue in cheek, but we live in the era of Poe’s law, so who knows.

  2. On Thursday DC United is expected to receive the final OK to start building their stadium. On Friday the DC council will probably start discussion on the future of RFK. Guess what , they don’t have a problem with the team name.

  3. Does it seem weird to anyone else that the Washington Post always says something about the team’s lease running out like its some kind of deadline? Doesn’t Snyder own the stadium too?

    1. I wouldn’t say it is weird so much as an entirely predictable outcome of the collapse in journalism standards both on the ground floor and in management at major newspapers all over the country/globe.

      Many journalists today appear to believe their job is simply to aggregate comments made by important people, not to review or fact check them. Some believe it is their “job” to report on what people say and to present both sides of every story, no matter how appalling one side or the other may be (EG: is it really necessary, in the interests of balance, to report on the Bowling Green Massacre – an event that did not happen?).

      In other words, the team’s lease running out is only a deadline because reporters are too lazy to (or discouraged from) check who holds the lease and who owns the stadium etc.

    2. The Washington NFL team owns the stadium, but the land is leased from Montgomery County. It’s the lease for the underlying land that expires in 2026. It’s completely artificial though as a deadline. Something to get Virginia, Maryland and District to give them money.

  4. Crazy thing is they probably will end up with multiple bids giving them everything they’re demanding plus probably more. They talked Richmond, Virginia into building facilities for their Spring practices AND to pay them to use those same facilities. It’d be like you winning a house and then asking how much they were willing to pay you to actually live in it.

  5. If their 20 year old stadium isn’t good enough, they should move in with the Baitimore Ravens.

    1. Agreed.But there is nothing wrong with fed ex field.This is all about Greed.And always has been.Because if we’ve reached the point in life where the life of a brand new stadium is 20 years then as fans we have to say Enough! Click.Yes,turn Off the game.Cancel the cable.Enjoy the smaller things in life.

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