Arizona officials just can’t quit looking for ways to throw tax money at Coyotes

So many vague rumors and whinging going on around the Arizona Coyotes‘ attempts to get somebody else to pay for building them a new arena against the will of state residents so that they don’t have to play in their perfectly good old one, I’ve gotta go to bullet points:

  • Coyotes execs have met with Mesa City Manager Chris Brady to discuss a new arena! Twice! Mesa Mayor John Giles chimed in, “If I were the Coyotes, I know I would want to be there. But whether it’s a good deal for Mesa or not is something that we’ll have to look into.” Which seems to be code for “If the state legislature agrees to foot most of the bill with sales-tax kickbacks, sure we’ll consider it,” but way too soon to tell about any of this.
  • The city of Phoenix has extended its contract with Barrett Sports Group to explore whether to renovate the Suns‘ arena, and possibly try to make it more workable for hockey. Again, this is not a plan, or even a plan for a plan, but they’re looking into it.
  • State Senator Bob Worsley, who is behind that sales-tax kickback bill that his colleagues in the state legislature aren’t so hot on, has written an op-ed in the Arizona Republic insisting that his bill “tears up the playbook on facility deals” because it involves “no state tax increases, no risk to the state, and no existing revenue from the state General Fund,” which is only true if you think that state sales tax receipts will soar just by virtue of the Coyotes moving from one part of the state to another. Apparently if you’re a state senator, you’re not subject to newspapers’ stringent fact-checking requirements.

Upshot: Nothing, really, other than that lots of people are still trying to solve Coyotes owner Anthony LeBlanc’s problem that he doesn’t want to keep playing in Glendale unless he’s paid $8 million a year by the city to do so. It’s a tough life, being an NHL owner.

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  3. So move from from an area of town that is far west of the Valley to a far east location. I thought the Arizona Coyotes felt they needed to be in a more central location? This entire fiasco just reeks of limburger cheese. The ONLY sensible solution would be to have a shared Coyotes/Suns facility in downtown Phoenix. This will never happen due to the Suns unwilling to equally share stadium revenues and why would they? I have been in the business of secondary market ticket sales for over 30 years in Phoenix and can honestly say, other than a fringe group of local fans and out of town visitors, the people of Arizona could care less. Even with Coyotes tickets being one of the lowest average prices in the NHL you can buy secondary market tickets for 50% off of face value for the majority games. This is not an investment the taxpayers of Arizona need to pay for again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

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