Hartford Yard Goats stadium may actually get finished, legal battle never will

And last but not least for the week, it’s time to check in with the ongoing Hartford Yard Goats stadium saga, which never fails to entertain. This week: FBI investigations and more lawsuit news!

  • The FBI has launched an investigation into now-fired developer Centerplan’s handling of stadium construction, one that Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin says was “prompted by information proactively shared by the City of Hartford.” In other words, Bronin tipped off the FBI to please look into these clowns to see if the public money that disappeared while in their hands was actually embezzled; the FBI said, sure, we don’t have much else going on right now.
  • Centerplan has upped the amount of money they’re demanding in their lawsuit against the city of Hartford, now asking for $90 million on the grounds they coulda finished the stadium, really, if the city didn’t keep giving them change orders.

At last word, at least, the stadium was on track to be ready for opening day on April 13, which means the Yard Goats may finally play a home game one of these days. Although:

[Arch Insurance senior vice president Patrick] Nails did offer one bit of concerning news, saying they are still finding minor defects in construction that the contractors are addressing.

“They’re pretty minor but the fact that we’re finding them is a concern,” he said.

Chompers and Chew Chew were not immediately available for comment.

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3 comments on “Hartford Yard Goats stadium may actually get finished, legal battle never will

  1. This has been an amazingly entertaining saga. As an outsider I’m going to guess that “All the Above” is the proper answer: Yes money was embezzled outright, yes still more money was just wasted, yes construction was shoddy and hopelessly behind schedule, and yes things were even further delayed by endless change orders from the equally inept city officials.

  2. How long before Yard Goat ownership complains that the stadium was not finished according to original spec and demands Hartford pay for renovations?

  3. A couple more years and the stadium will be declared old and require publicly funded upgrades.

    Thank you, Road Goats, your hilarious stadium saga has made the collapse of the rest of world somehow easier to bear (not that one has a choice in whether to bear same or not, really).

    What we really all need to know is how Russia conspired to derail this stadium project, who knew about it and when did they know it?

    And why does the Russian empire hate freedom, baseball and goats?

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