Raiders threaten to delay own stadium in order to get lease concessions from Nevada

It’s two-minute warning time for the Las Vegas Raiders stadium lease, according to Raiders execs:

Raiders President Marc Badain on Thursday said the lease agreement is on the agenda of the NFL league owners’ meetings scheduled to begin later this month. If one is not presented, there is a “distinct possibility” that team’s move to Sin City could be pushed until the 2021 season, Badain said.

“In order to approve a lease, you need full membership, and the league has four meetings a year: one in March, one in May, one in October and one in December,” Badain said after a public meeting of the Las Vegas Stadium Authority board. “So, if you miss the May deadline, you push to October, we would lose a year, and everybody wants to get this project going everybody wants to get these guys to work. So we didn’t want to miss that deadline.”

This is clearly meant to pressure the Nevada Stadium Authority into approving all their lease demands like only paying $1 a year in rent, out of fear the team would otherwise stay in Oakland for another year. Though really, you’d think it’d be the Raiders management that would be feeling pressure, given that they’re facing possible eviction from the Oakland Coliseum in 2019, and presumably wouldn’t want to have to go play in the street for a year. One wouldn’t think that too hard, though, because stadium leverage seldom has to make sense to work.

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16 comments on “Raiders threaten to delay own stadium in order to get lease concessions from Nevada

  1. Another case of the boy who cried wolf.

    With the site just purchased, its highly unlikely they’d have shovels to the ground this year.

    The year-round warmer climate favors speedier construction, so conceivably groundwork starting early Spring 2018 gets the stadium on track for July 2020.

  2. Okay, so the Raiders are threatening to spend one more lame-duck season in Oakland trying to induce locals to spend money on tickets to watch a team they KNOW is turning their backs on them? That should work out well.

    Frankly, the power is really in the hands of the Nevada Stadium Authority, not the carpetbaggers, who’ve committed to buying the LV property while letting fans in Oakland (where their lease is up in two years) know what they really think of them. That’s called being between a rock and a hard place, although Nevada pols are hardly noted for having any more spine than a jellyfish.

    1. That’s the real problem… the governments have leverage, they just never use it. Unlike the team owners, who pretty much make what leverage they believe they have the cornerstone of their campaigns…

    2. It’s a mystery why so many supposedly smart business people fail to use leverage or even understand they have it. The Raiders will get exactly what they want here just like CEOs even of failing companies routinely rake in lavish raises. Logically this would be the time to secure some concessions from the Raiders since they’re now locked into the move. But it won’t happen that way. Instead you’ll hear somebody on the stadium board bemoaning how the Raiders aren’t getting everything they want quickly enough.

  3. Oakland should tell them now that the only additional lease they will offer them on the Coliseum is a ten-year lease (a la what Winter Haven, FL did to the Cleveland Indians for spring training after their original new stadium in Florida was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew).

    I guess they’ll have to stop off at Levi’s or something.

  4. Oakland should just lock the Coliseum into its baseball configuration & be done with it….

      1. True, but I think the point was that the city should not offer the Raiders an extension to the lease at all… leave the facility in MLB configuration (saving $250-300k per conversion, iirc) while the A’s are still there.

        Is that correct Ben?

  5. Yes, of course, Nevada government(s) should rush to approve a shameless and corrupt lease agreement because it is “impossible” for 32 old rich men who put their travel costs onto the team’s balance sheet to meet at any other time to accept $750m + in taxpayer funding. If the NFL “needs” a full meeting, that is the NFL’s problem, not the city or state government’s problem.

    Take a look at NFL tv ratings and, more importantly, demographics now and projected 20 years out. Take a look at the impact cord cutters are having on the media companies’ bottom lines.

    Not sure I’d be spending a dime of taxpayer money on professional sports facilities in 2017. The economics of and landscape for professional sports is on the brink of significant change… it won’t collapse, but it will look very different on this stadium’s 15th birthday (you know there will be a party, right? And taxpayers will pay for that party too) than it does today.

    1. Of course you’re right, John. Unfortunately, no governing body in the state of Nevada has shown a lick of sense so far, including the stadium authority. I expect they’ll fold quickly.

    2. Yet don’t tell that to the incredibly backwards-thinking idiots here in Nevada who are used to bending completely over. This is the same group whose idea of alleviating traffic on the Strip is not to increase public transportation use but to spend over $200 million to build a double-decker highway over the existing roads without expanding said existing roads. This is the exact same group who gave over $1 billion in public subsidies to a supposed electric car builder who has no physical presence in the country and whose parent company is almost insolvent. All while the state is dead last in educational funding so there’s that.

      I can’t even blame the Raiders anymore. They know they’re dealing with total amateurs.

  6. I’m thinking of Blazing Saddles here.

    The Raiders are pointing a gun at their own head and saying, “Nobody move or the N—er gets it!”

  7. If I had the power, tell Davis be out in 2 years. and at midnight of day lease over bring in a slew of locksmiths (Oakland based ones) change the locks and post sheriffs at every doorway.

    1. HereHere! I’ve been a die-hard Raider fan since 1968 but enough’s enough. Time for someone to play hard ball with Davis/Badain and give them a taste of their own medicine.

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