Beckham unveils new Miami stadium design, promises to create a whole 25 living-wage jobs

David Beckham’s gang of stadium negotiators descended yet again on Miami yesterday, to present the latest iteration of his long-delayed MLS stadium plans. He’d gotten raked over the coals of late by a local neighborhood group for proposing a plan that includes no parking, so how’d he do this time?

That’s less crazy than the last rendering, in that it doesn’t have sidewalks sloppily pasted over parked cars, though it still seems to rely on cantilevering some of the seating over the surrounding streets via support beams with all the structural integrity of a toothpick sculpture. But we’ll leave it to the engineers to figure that out — what about that whole parking issue?

“We’re going to be encouraging the use of Metromover, Metrorail, water taxis, ride-sharing,” said Spencer Crowley, a lawyer and lobbyist representing Miami Beckham United in its talks with Miami-Dade to buy a parcel needed for its nine-acre stadium site near the Miami River. “We view this as a paradigm shift for the county as to how people get to large events.”

Sure — when life serves you no-parking lemons, might as well make alternate-transit-ade. And it might even work, though proposing that your fans won’t need to park their cars anywhere because they can take “water taxis” is a bit out-there. (Beckham’s stadium czar Tim Leiweke also promised a “dinner-cruise boat to deliver fans to the Miami River a few blocks away.”)

And speaking of out-there, dear lord, this:

As part of the deal, the Beckham group promised to create 50 permanent jobs at the stadium. Half would be required to pay Miami-Dade’s living wage of about $15 an hour.

That’s right, 50 new jobs! And 25 of them would pay at least $15 an hour! And local Overtown residents should be grateful, said Audrey Edmonson, the Miami-Dade commissioner for the neighborhood:

“I heard some groans when it came to 50 jobs,” Edmonson said. “Guaranteeing 50 permanent jobs, that is a lot of jobs when it comes down to a stadium. … Believe me, I had a difficult time getting that out of them.”

She tried, people. Life is hard.

26 comments on “Beckham unveils new Miami stadium design, promises to create a whole 25 living-wage jobs

  1. Building a supermarket with a large parking lot would serve the community better and have more better paying jobs.

    • If there is a need for a supermarket and American corporate greed hasn’t filled that need , there must be a reason for that.

      • As opposed to stadiums and soccer teams, which of course require local governments to bend over backwards to accommodate.

        • You haven’t been paying attention ! He’s buying the land at market value and private investors are paying for 100% of construction !!!!!

          • Why do you think these talks are going on? The land is not zoned for a stadium. The proposed stadium does not come with parking to accommodate its customers, which will burden the surrounding neighborhood.

            As for costs, will Beckham be paying for their proposed reworking of the local public transportation to get people to and from their games and the satellite parking lots that are miles away?

          • Do you know that he isn’t paying for any suggestions he’s making to pacify people who would rather complain and look at empty lots. If that area is anything like its been described anything would be an improvement.

          • Burden the local neighborhood ? Sounds like a bunch of empty lots and some subsidized housing. The locals will rent out parking spots like they do at Marlins park. Why are you against capitalism.

          • Do you know that zoning laws are just in place to help politicians shake down developers. Zoning laws change all the time and especially if it increases city revenue.

          • Funny how Nimbys buy from developers on Monday and on Tuesday spend the rest of their lives fighting development in that area. Your not Pioneers saving a neighborhood ! Your coming in to profit on the gentrification. Which is code for Block Busting. Stop pretending your a good guy.

          • “Do you know that zoning laws are just in place to help politicians shake down developers.” Sure. Heaven forbid anyone have enough understanding of traffic patterns to know that sending thousands of cars on neighborhood roads that are one lane each way is a bad idea.

            “Why are you against capitalism.”
            I have no problem with them building a stadium in an area suitable for a stadium with plans that properly account for how people in South Florida get from place to place. I don’t respect developers who think they are entitled to put whatever they want wherever they want it without any regard for everyone else in the neighborhood.

          • Perhaps you should reach out to the greedy low budget daycare center owner across Marlins Park and get a deal done.

          • Fact is special interests like Arison , Loria & condo owners have blocked 3 suitable sites. Miami will lose at least 200,000,000.00 in private investment into an area of the city where no one has had the balls to invest in. This political hacks have no choice but to green light so they can take credit for recruiting private investment to their district !

        • Cities provide incentives to supermarket chains often to open stores in underserved communities. ” Subsidies “

  2. Miami is not a mass-transit city. He thinks that people are going to drive to remote parking garages, and then take buses to the game? How long would that take? People aren’t going to want to do that.

    If Beckham and friends go through with this plan, I predict no more than three or four thousand fans a game will show up.

    • I’m a little dubious of the plan as well, but for years fans poured into that neighborhood by mass transit and alternative parking for games at the Orange Bowl. I remember having to walk much farther than 3 blocks from the rail station to go to Hurricane games in the late 80s. Whether you can really expect an expansion soccer team to generate the same level of enthusiasm today is the bigger issue. Fortunately, it’s not my money they’re playing with.

      • Perhaps you should Google Atlanta United . However do agree this city is doing everything to make this venture a failure.

        • But the United are going to be playing in the Falcon’s new stadium so anything they’re doing now has been a stop gap measure. And googling their current stadium it appears there is a parking garage run by Georgia Tech directly across the street from the stadium which doesn’t seem to be part of the plan with this Miami stadium.

  3. At least those jobs are not going to cost the Taxpayer a penny. How many jobs were created with 2.6 billion in public subsidies at Marlins Park or a billion on Heat Arena.

  4. Some how as tax payers we are going to get plunked. I just got the feeling.

  5. Some how as tax payers we are going to get punked. I just got the feeling.

    • You have nothing to worry about. Even though the local politicians have doled out millions to the Heat , Dolphins & even the hockey team , in the past two years they are drawing a line in the sand when it comes to soccer.