New L.A. stadium won’t host Super Bowl until 2022, we know you’re broken up about this

Now that the new Los Angeles Rams and Chargers stadium has been delayed until 2020 thanks to rain, the NFL has moved the 2021 Super Bowl to Tampa and given the 2022 Super Bowl to L.A., because of a league rule that says stadiums can’t host Super Bowls in their first seasons, or because the league was afraid the stadium wouldn’t be ready by 2021, or because the rule is there because of fears stadiums won’t be ready on time or — wait, what the heck is this?

Somehow I’d missed this particular Inglewood stadium rendering, which makes it look kind of like a space-age tennis racket suspended on pillars over an open pit. It almost certainly won’t look much like this — for one thing, everything used to build it won’t be blazing white, and neither will all the surrounding buildings and parking lots — but that appears to be somebody’s best attempt to depict a translucent (?) roof with some kind of video boards suspended from it, and … you know what, we should probably just wait to see this thing. I get why it’s going to cost $2 billion now, though, even if I still don’t quite get why Stan Kroenke wants to spend that much.

9 comments on “New L.A. stadium won’t host Super Bowl until 2022, we know you’re broken up about this

  1. Actually, that rendering makes the stadium look like one of those battery-charged racquets you get at Harbor Freight to fry mosquitos with. I’ll leave it to others to sort out the irony.

    • Swatting bloodsuckers with the product of their own bloodsucking sounds good to moi.

  2. White parking lots look cool; and what an original idea. Could this be a way to combat climate change? Are white parking lots feasable?

    • I’m sure for some fraction of $2 billion, you can get your parking lots painted or done in pale concrete.

      If southern californians start thinking this is a great way to green development and demand it from all parking lots going forward is something you could fear too.

    • Los Angeles is actually going to experiment with street resurfacing with a gray material that absorbs less heat than traditional asphalt.

      Parking lots are still primarily asphalt, but residential driveways in Southern California are usually concrete or pavers.

    • Ace is the place…”Sorry, sir, we don’t currently have the oval 500′ x 400′ filters in stock. Check back next week.”

  3. That “rendering” looks weird because – look closely – it’s a photograph of a miniature model.

  4. Perhaps the details of hosting the Super Bowl have been addressed before in this blog; but just in case, here’s the Tampa Bay Times outlining what the NFL expects gratis from the host city:

    Tampa’s bid for fifth Super Bowl means secret and expensive promises to NFL

    If it were up to me, I’d tell the $13 billion revenue producing, profit-mongering, blood sucking NFL to move on down the road to find another town to sell their huckster glory to….