MN United finally gets $57m in tax breaks, one year after misplaced “or” almost scuttled them

Almost exactly one year after Minnesota United had a property-tax break for its new St. Paul stadium vetoed by Gov. Mark Dayton because somebody accidentally wrote “or” instead of “and” in an unrelated part of the bill about paying off the Vikings stadium with bingo-hall proceeds, the team finally got its money Tuesday night, when Dayton signed the bill after the state legislature re-passed it. Now that the team has its $57 million in tax kickbacks, construction is now expected to begin in the next month or two, with the stadium scheduled to open in time for the 2019 season, because soccer stadiums are relatively simple and so don’t take three years to build like, say, NFL stadiums. Still, that’s a year later than it would have opened if some state official had been more careful with their conjunctions (or, I suppose, if United had been willing to build a stadium and pay taxes on it, instead of only being willing to do one or the other).

In unrelated news, the New York Times decided yesterday to get rid of all of its copy editors. The future is truly a wondrous place.


One comment on “MN United finally gets $57m in tax breaks, one year after misplaced “or” almost scuttled them

  1. $57 million is a drop in the bucket for this community especially since the state has okayed 10 new property tax stadiums in the last 10 to 15 years

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