Stadium architects dream of holographic players, and other Friday news

Hey, know what we haven’t done in a while? A Friday news roundup. Let’s do one of those now!

Happy weekend, everybody!

2 comments on “Stadium architects dream of holographic players, and other Friday news

  1. Been to the hew Braves stadium. Not sure how it is any better than the Ted; might even be worse. Tickets are cheap because the team sucks, but getting there is difficult with zero public transport options, and parking is terrible – if this team gets hot and people start showing up traffic is going to be a NIGHTMARE on game days. The concessions are so damn expensive and aside from the first few rows in the lower deck, the seats might be worse than the old place – farther away and even the second deck has such a steep incline that I fear for my safety. The place lacks charm and the uniqueness that makes baseball parks so special – in a sense it’s like the entire Atlanta area because it lacks an identity, you leave and you quickly forget you were even there. The entertainment district is overpriced and so very contrived, and there are much better and less expensive dining options within a mile or two outside of that area.

    Not a fan.