Bucks unveil tarpaulins covering new arena construction, and other Friday must-see news

And away we go with another weekly round of micro-news that shouldn’t be allowed to slip through the cracks:

4 comments on “Bucks unveil tarpaulins covering new arena construction, and other Friday must-see news

  1. “It’s like giving birth. I mean, you can’t really feel it or understand it until it is actually coming out of the ground…”

    That one made me laugh out loud. I’m assuming it was a little less painful for the guy (who WAS wearing a hard hat) than a real live birth-giving mother. And the co-mingling of births with things coming out of the ground itself sounds like something out of a Sam Raimi flick.

  2. I suspect that the A’s as well as the Islanders and some of the smaller projects ( like in Rhode Island) are going to go through because there is a realization that people are tired of funding such projects, and if shovels are not in the ground soon, they are not happening.

      • I agree with you on that. But two things that are different are the fact that few pro teams desire new ( or even upgraded facilities), so passing bills after the horse left the barn becomes easier. Not to mention”Cord Cutters” who are showing sports is not as much of a necessity as people felt before. Besides the Islanders and A’s you have the Rays, the trio in Arizona ( Coyotes, Diamondbacks and Suns), and a few soccer stadiums ( none of which cost as much as a new Islanders Arena). Even Key Arena and Kings bridge Armory may break ground this year. You will still have Colleges doing the spending ( for example: Penn State has an extensive”Master Plan” for sports facilities). But when 2020 comes around, teams ( with the possible exception of the Rays) will either be in new ( or upgraded) facilities, or be ready to move into one.

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