Here’s a video of quick glimpses of new Rams, Chargers stadium renderings, excited yet?

Awright, new stadium rendering porn from the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers! And like all the cool media kids today, they’re pivoting to video:

That’s not all that different from the last renderings we saw, but has the advantage of zipping by really quickly and being set to music that sounds like a 1980s video game developer trying to emulate Grandmaster Flash. From this we can tell that the new Inglewood stadium will definitely contain people. and a latticework roof, and some kind of weirdly shaped scoreboard ring suspended over the field. You can get a better (sort of?) look at that last element in this tweeted still image:

And finally, here’s what the site looks like now, courtesy of the Associated Press:

Stay tuned for more exciting images! We have three years of this left to go, people, before anyone can see this with their own eyes, hopefully set to their own hip-hop-lite soundtrack.

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6 comments on “Here’s a video of quick glimpses of new Rams, Chargers stadium renderings, excited yet?

    1. In theory, I agree that a fixed roof in Southern California is a strange concept. However, having been to the Hollywood Park racetrack and Shea Stadium countless time, it’s no fun when the planes are flying directly above. A permanent roof makes sense for this exact location.

      The Rose Bowl, Coliseum and smaller soccer stadiums in Carson & Expo Park will be outdoor alternatives.

    2. For what will probably end up being $3 billion, they might as well make it so that it can host just about any possible big event. At that price, I wonder how many big ticket events they need to pull in per year to make the ends meet. This will probably cost around double some of the most expensive stadiums ever built. I have to believe it will require much more usage than 16 NFL games.

  1. Well, at least they should have plenty of time for delays and still find a possible use in the LA Olympics, granted I fully expect that they will not even consider designing it in a way that could at least temporarily hold a soccer game or any other events.

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