Raiders still don’t have a place to play in 2019, but they will have a see-through video board

The Las Vegas Stadium Authority got its first look at the financial agreement for the new $1.9 billion Raiders stadium on Thursday, and — oooh, look, see-through video board!

It’s, like, a window looking out, and a video board looking in, so all the people outside on the highway can see football and all the people instead can see the highway and, um, anyway, shiny!

As for more salient details, they were thin on the ground. The Raiders are planning to get a $600 million loan from Bank of America, plus use $250 million from personal seat license sales; what revenue stream will be used to secure the B of A loan, or what happens if PSL sales fall short, nobody’s reporting. Here’s what B of A’s rep said at the authority meeting:

[Elliott] McCabe said the bank’s negotiations with the team includes consideration of the Raiders’ $378 million relocation fee. McCabe and Bank of America have worked on NFL stadium projects across the country, which he said gives the bank a high level of confidence that the team will be able to meet its obligations.

The stadium will also have a sliding tray where a grass field will be grown outdoors and then move into place for football games, similar to what the Arizona Cardinals have. As for other details like a non-relocation agreement, parking, and what happens in case of shortfalls or cost overruns, that’s all TBD. As is this one small detail:

There’s also some concern about cash flow in 2019 because the team doesn’t have a lease for a stadium that year. It will play in Oakland Alameda Coliseum this year and in 2018.

Yes, not having a stadium to play in for an entire year could result in some concern about cash flow. Not to mention whether players will have to call extra timeouts whenever a car comes down the street. Surely this will all be worked out in plenty of time, because that always works out fine.

15 comments on “Raiders still don’t have a place to play in 2019, but they will have a see-through video board

  1. The PSL’s will be the Raiders downfall.Again.When the Raiders moved from LA back to Oakland in 1995 they had a firm sell their tickets;I think it was OFMA.Oakland Football Marketing Authority and it was a disaster.There were extra charges on the tickets i believe and other than the 2001-2003 seasons tickets Did Not sell as the team was bad and games were blacked out repeatedly.

  2. “It will play in Oakland Alameda Coliseum this year and in 2018.”

    Still waiting on ya Oakland to lock it into perma baseball mode….no point in sucking the (#*$ of a team that wants to leave….

  3. Ok guys. Time to swallow your pride and go with the Sam Boyd Silver Bowl for a couple seasons. If they can do a tiny soccer stadium for the Chargers, why not?

    • Agreed. It will surprise me if they don’t take that option before the 2018 season. Perhaps attendance at this season’s games in Oakland will convince them that even a bad attendance season in Sam Boyd is better than a truly horrific one in OAC.

      I guess there is an argument that introducing the new team in the old stadium might compromise the NFL experience, but let’s face it, the NFL experience is generally pretty appalling as it is (insert Raiders joke here).

      I’m still hoping that no-one shows up in Oakland or that those few who do dress as unflattering caricatures of Mark Davis.

      Seriously Raider fans, “your” team is abandoning you for the second time in less than two decades… why would you spend a dime on them in 2017/2018?

    • Agreed.The Raiders found a way to lose out on playing in Santa Clara with the 49ers so now is the time to try to get Sam Boyd stadium ready for at least 1season,maybe 2.

  4. Again there is still no viable funding plan in place on the Raiders’ end. I already predicted they (being the Raiders) will ask the State to lift the $750 million cap in covering any potential shortfalls (and there will be plenty). They’re just waiting until construction has started. The NFL still hasn’t addressed the G-4 fund being empty, Davis’ supposed loan with B of A and the conditions, and the PSL money (which he assumed will bring $150 million). Heck you already have the governor complaining about the taxes on business earnings about to sunset.

  5. Society is missing a major opportunity with the Raiders not having a home stadium.

    They could be a permanent away team to keep with the piracy theme.

    • Amen. Add an expansion team to the AFC West and just make the [No city] Raiders a swing team. Any player waived has to go through the Raiders.

    • I don’t think you can use the Pirate theme anymore without paying Disney a licensing fee.

      • This just in from NFL Films:

        (John Facenda Voice): “The autumn wind is a pirate…”
        – cut to … –
        Captain Jack Sparrow: “Oh, bugger…”

    • Well they could play 2 games in Mexico City,2 in San Antonio,and maybe add a game in Toronto,& a couple more in San Diego.And one on the east coast as well.

    • 1. Raiders were given the opportunity to join in with 49ers on the construction, but declined.
      2. SF Management doesn’t want the Raiders – or their fanbase – anywhere near Levi’s.
      3. The field is effed up enough already, thankyouverymuch.