Rams to charge record PSL price, Cavs arena subsidy moves ahead, and other news of the week

It’s Friday again, so let’s go spanning the world:

  • The Los Angeles Rams are considering charging a top personal seat license price of as much as $225,000, just for the right to then buy season tickets for $350-400 per game. This seems like a bit of a reach when the payoff is just that you get to watch Rams games, but I guess Stan Kroenke needs to try to recoup his $2 billion in stadium costs somehow — and at least if it all goes south, he’ll be the one on the hook, not taxpayers.
  • Some Canadian bank bought the naming rights to the Toronto Maple Leafs arena away from some Canadian airline. Is this going to buy it valuable market exposure and name recognition that will justify the $40 million a year expense? Not on this blog!
  • The LED lights at the Atlanta Falcons‘ new stadium make football look all weird.
  • Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler says spending $30 million on an arena for a minor-league basketball team is a great idea that only “naysayers” don’t appreciate. “I think sometimes we don’t believe in ourselves and some of our urban areas we don’t believe that we are able to make things happen,” she says. If Mayor Tyler needs a reelection campaign theme song, I have a suggestion.
  • “The Federal Aviation Administration has determined that the Oakland Raiders‘ proposed stadium in Las Vegas would not be a hazard to aircraft.” Huzzah!
  • Would-be St. Louis MLS owner Paul Edgerley says he’s still ready to pay $150 million for a franchise, and $100 million toward a stadium, as soon as someone comes up with the other $60 million in construction costs. Noted.
  • Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has officially reinstated his plan to do $140 million of renovation work to the team’s arena, with Cuyahoga County paying for half the cost. ”This is corporate welfare at its worst,” said Steve Holecko of the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus, after his erstwhile coalition partners the Greater Cleveland Congregations withdrew petitions against the arena subsidy after getting a promise of two mental health crisis centers from the county. Holecko’s group doesn’t plan to mount another ballot challenge on their own, though, so construction work is set to begin later this month.
  • Mikhail Prokhorov is ready to sell the Brooklyn Nets, but will hold onto the Barclays Center, after renegotiating the team’s lease so that it will pay less rent to the arena. This … does not seem like the smartest way of going about things, but maybe Prokhorov is figuring he’ll give up future rent revenue in exchange for a higher sale price now on the team? Or maybe he’s just not very smart.
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14 comments on “Rams to charge record PSL price, Cavs arena subsidy moves ahead, and other news of the week

  1. Political scam artist Mikhail Prokhorav has much in common with strippers & drug dealers. Money to them is easy come easy go. Dumb he is not !

  2. Actually, from what I know about the stripping industry, most of them take their earnings pretty seriously.

    1. I grew up in a area with lots of drug pushers and strippers. They end up dating because they have the same hours. And they all end up broke, dead, or addicted to drugs. They have short shelf life and miserable character.

      1. Where to begin? I guess any of these will do:


      2. Wow, Steven, you didn’t miss a single generalization there. Can I assume you do not “know” all strippers or drug dealers?

  3. The Post is implying that the Nets’ rent is being lowered because the arena will be taking a larger cut of suite sales and sponsorships. It sounds like what AEG does at Staples Center with the Clippers.

    1. Ah, okay, that would make more sense, yes. (If your reading is correct — the Post article is pretty handwavy.) Though then it’ll create a disincentive for a new owner to sell suites (or maybe an incentive for them to keep suite prices low but charge a separate “suite access fee” or something), so I don’t want to rule out Prokhorov being an idiot just yet.

  4. Re (HoserBank) and AirCanada Centre – doesn’t (HoserBank) already hold the naming rights to the Saddledome in Calgary?

  5. Diamondbacks might be winning on the field, but legal talks over stadium stall (again)


  6. That $225,000 also gives you the right to buy Rams playoff… ha I can’t even finish the sentence.

    1. Maybe they’ll throw in a personal meet and greet with their #1 draft pick qb at some undefined point in future.

  7. From CBSSports.com:
    LOOK: Tickets for Colts-Rams opener in Los Angeles are selling for under $10
    Fans in Los Angeles don’t seem too excited about the Rams’ opener

    225K for a license to buy a seat to watch the backup QB for Indy? Good “Luck” with that.

    1. It’s still the old coliseum of course, but plenty of seats available at today’s game by the look of it.

      Of course, the “old stadium” angle doesn’t seem to affect USC crowds… and from what you linked it seems that Rams tickets are now every bit as affordable as Trojans tickets.

      Strange days.

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