Hurricane Irma fails to knock over any of Florida’s sports venues

Time for your “What damage did Florida sports facilities suffer during Hurricane Irma?” rundown!

Also, two-thirds of the state is without power and many residents could remain so for weeks, at least 11 people died in the U.S. and 38 in Caribbean nations, nobody knows how many people are currently trapped in the Florida Keys, and a whole island of 1,800 people is now evacuated and uninhabitable. The Jaguars may move Sunday’s game to Tennessee if they have to.

5 comments on “Hurricane Irma fails to knock over any of Florida’s sports venues

  1. The Rays owners are such amateurs. I would have taken a sledge hammer to the place as the hurricane neared, then cried my eyes out on the TV news about the damage the hurricane inflicted on my stadium and how sad I am that we will need an entirely new stadium, for the safety of the fans… in a different part of town. With more luxury boxes, which are totally necessary for hurricane safety.

    • I know, right? They really blew this one. It was practically handed to them! It’s like they don’t even really want a new stadium. Sad!

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