You know what, I’m just hiding under the covers the rest of the day

I was preparing to write a post this morning about the Los Angeles Chargers‘ continued dismal home-fan attendance — yesterday’s game was overwhelmingly attended by fans of the visiting Philadelphia Eagles — but after waking up to news of the killing of at least 50 people in Las Vegas by an assault-weapon-wielding mass murderer, on top of the ongoing catastrophe in Puerto Rico and people in Catalonia being assaulted with police truncheons for attempting to vote, I just can’t right now.

If you really must have something to read here to take your mind off of the above horrors, here’s a link to my Guardian article on Friday about how the Atlanta Falcons‘ new stadium shows the need to carefully examine sports deals, or else team owners will find ways to sneak in hundreds of millions of dollars worth of subsidies while no one is looking. It’s a cheery romp!

6 comments on “You know what, I’m just hiding under the covers the rest of the day

  1. Take as long as you need. I myself have family living in P.R. , my prayers to all the victims & family in all 3 catastrophies. Thanks to the Vegas police, US Navy and American Red Cross.

    • It’s hard to understand. Being a native of Las Vegas, we are simply not accustomed to things like this happening. We are suppose to be the one place in which people can escape their ills and stresses for a short period of time. Now even that has been violated. The tragic thing in all this is the innocence of my hometown is gone. I have chastised many in power in my city. Now I’m just sad for my city and all the people who lost loved ones.

  2. Going forward, we need to understand that thinking and praying are not slowing down the monsters among us. We need to find a different way.

    I still express great sympathy towards those who have lost loved ones. Don’t get me wrong. But expressions of sympathy are nothing compared with concrete measures to stop this kind of attack. Had there been 300 “good guys with guns” at this concert, we’d still have over 50 deaths and 500 injuries.

  3. I look forward to your almost daily updates on stadium stupidity but agree today is not the day to poke fun at stupid politicians. Our laughter and tears can and will continued on another day.

  4. Tomorrow will absolutely be a day to poke fun at stupid politicians. And to write about stadiums, too.