Islanders owner: We’re totally going to move to Belmont, someday, somehow

We still have zero details on how the New York Islanders owners’ plan for an arena at Belmont Park would work, but co-owner Jon Ledecky nonetheless gave team beat writers the hard sell on it yesterday:

“We are locked and loaded on Belmont,” Ledecky said Tuesday at a luncheon with Islanders beat writers. “We have the blinders on for Belmont. We’re not looking at other places, other things, other opportunities. We want to make Belmont a reality.”

Great! Visualization is the first step, right?

More interesting is the tidbit buried deep in the article that the Islanders need to decide whether to opt out of their Barclays Center lease in January, but the state Empire State Development agency hasn’t announced when it will make its decision on the Belmont land. This means Ledecky and friends could be in the position of having to decide to terminate the lease without knowing when and if they’ll get a site for a new arena — which would at the very least leave the franchise having to negotiate a new lease extension in Brooklyn from a position of crappy leverage. Though since it’s a mutual lease out clause, I suppose if the Barclays Center owners want the leverage, they can just cancel the lease themselves and be done with it.

Meanwhile, Ledecky and Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark are keeping up their war of words over which is more economically useless, the arena or the Islanders:

While I’m dying to find out the financial details of the Isles’ Belmont plan, I’ve gotta admit that this is a lot more fun.

2 comments on “Islanders owner: We’re totally going to move to Belmont, someday, somehow

  1. The Isles make me sad because they were once a great NHL franchise and are now a complete dumpster fire.

    Seems like they are following the SODO Seattle model, I doubt they’ll end up on top and will always be the forgotten 3rd hockey franchise in NYC.

  2. 13 months ago Ledecky was saying Barclays was an A+ experience for fans and players alike